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June 4, 1988




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Millennium Puzzle, Millennium Necklace, Millennium Rod, Millennium Ring, Millennium Eye, Millennium Key, Millennium Scale

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Dark Magician

Egyptian God Cards

Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, Horakhty the Creator of Light

The former vessel of Pharaoh Atem and bearer of the Millennium Puzzle as he appears in fan-fics.


Yugi is often portrayed as someone very close to the Pharaoh, sometimes his little brother or son. He also usually maintains his crush on Tea and his knack for friendship. He's also sometimes portrayed as a child version of the Pharaoh, or simply a child of the Pharaoh, due to their similarities and Yugi's small stature.

In fictions in which Pharoah Atem has been given his own body, Yugi is sometimes given a "mind link" with him so that they are able to communicate telepathically.


Trust and FaithEdit

When Kaiba and Ishizu got married, Yugi was invited to the wedding, and he wished the two of them good luck.


097 38

Yugi and Tea look for their children.

Seven years after Atem left for the Afterlife, Yugi has married Tea, and they have two twins, a boy named Tag and a girl named Anzu. One night, when Tag and Anzu were three, they jumped on top of Yugi and demanded a bedtime story from him. Yugi protested that he already told them a story, but they demanded one of Yugi's life stories, so Yugi agreed to tell them how he solved the Millennium Puzzle, but he stopped at the part where Yami first came out, and Tag recognized it when he said, "Um..." Yugi then agreed to tell them when they were older.

The next morning, at six in the morning, Tag came into Yugi and Tea's room and jumped on them, yelling for them to wake up. Yugi then agreed to tell Tag the rest of the Millennium Puzzle story if he let them sleep a little more. After Tag and Anzu were awake and active, Yugi told them how when he completed the Millennium Puzzle, Atem was released as Yami.

When Tag and Anzu called out to them when they argued over who won at tag, Yugi watched as Tea handled the situation.

The next day, when Tag and Anzu were captured and called out for help, Yugi and Tea ran out, but Rex and Weevil were too far away, and Yugi called out to them in rage and sorrow.

As they were left, Yugi remembered when he and Tea brought the kids home and named them and how he promised to always be there for them. This encouraged him to look for the children, and he went to Joey and Mai's house to recruit his help. Joey then agreed to help find them.

Yugi then went to Kaiba to ask him to help find the children through Rex and Weevil's Duel Disks. Kaiba agreed, and they ran off to the location Kaiba provided.

Yugi then arrived at the warehouse Rex and Weevil were hiding in, and he shouted out for the two to face him. Rex and Weevil came out and agreed to return to children if Yugi dueled them. Yugi then agreed with Joey as a tag-team partner. The kids then came out and hugged Yugi as they watched him duel. When Yugi called out the Winged Dragon of Ra, Rex and Weevil ran away, and Tag petted Ra. Yugi then took his children home with Tea, giving Tag a piggy-back ride.

Yugi then agreed to teach Tag how to duel the next day, but not at six in the morning.

Yu-Gi-Oh! XEdit


030 125

Black Luster Soldier is the victory monster for the first Turbo Duel.

By the time Tag was sixteen, Yugi's busy live caused a rift in their relationship, and Yugi tried to fix it with a father-son trip. Also, Yugi accepted a teaching job at the Academy. Yugi also spent a chunk of time helping a now ninety-something Grandpa at the Game Shop. He also had to make a quick stop at the Tokyo Duel Monsters Convention for a exhibition duel on a new KaibaCorp product, the Duel Runner. He took Tag with him, and while he dueled the inventor of the Duel Runners, Corin Fudo, Tag walked out. Yugi won with a direct attack from a suped up Black Luster Soldier. He was then knocked out by Rex and Weevil and taken away.

Yugi woke up, tied up in a van with Rex and Weevil. He then learned that Rex and Weevil were working for someone. He then convinced Rex to let him call Yugi and tried to tell him where they were, but Weevil slapped him and Rex took the phone away before he could, but Tag still managed to figure out that they were at the car wash. Tag then managed to find Yugi, but he ended up kidnapped as well.

They were then taken to a shack until Rex and Weevil's boss was ready for them. Yugi and Tag then tried to talk, but it ended up being Tag shouting at Yugi for not being there for him since he was eight, and Yugi defends himself by explaining that he wanted to be there, and he's going to try and be there for him. When they end up back at the hotel and find out that a man named Mel Tyrone is Rex and Weevil's boss, Yugi and Tag are taken to the pent house. Yugi's then told by Tag that he planted a card during a short rest stop to try and get the others to come. Yugi then encouraged Tag by saying that he had the mind of a great duelist, and their relationship began to mend. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. Yugi then learned that Mel wanted to duel Yugi for the Egyptian God Cards, but Tag accepted instead. Yugi protested, but Tag insisted on blocking Mel's path to his father's legacy.

Tag then borrowed Yugi's Duel Disk to duel Mel. Yugi then coached Tag through a particularly tough patch in the duel and cheered when Tag won with Exodia the Forbidden One. Yugi and Tag then left for the Father-Son trip, where they really restored their relationship.

Return of ShadiEdit

Soul SearchEdit

Yugi and Tag later invited Tag and Anzu's friends, Seth, Darin, Johnny, Serena, Kira, and Isis, to the Domino Museum after Bakura uncovered several artifacts from Pharaoh Seto's tomb.

Millennium TestEdit
221 91

Yugi summons Ra to frighten Bakura away.

When Yugi, Tea, Anzu, and Tag learned about the curator's death, Yugi, Tag, Anzu, Seth, Darin, Johnny, Serena, and Kira went to Domino University to try and comfort Bakura. When they arrived, they discovered that Bakura was being controlled by Shadi, and Bakura then chased Yugi and Johnny away while Shadi tested the kids. Eventually, Yugi used his Duel Disk to summon Ra as a way to intimidate Bakura away, but he stopped that when Johnny exclaimed that Anzu, Serena, and Kira were on the roof. As Johnny helps Darin get Anzu across after the kids gain the Millennium Items, Yugi is keeping Bakura busy while he walks on the edge of the roof. When Bakura's about to fall, Yugi catches him, and he's returned to normal by Darin after he uses the Millennium Ring. When Shadi leaves, Tag offers Yugi the Millennium Puzzle, but Yugi refuses and says that it's Tag's turn now.

Birthday for TwoEdit

Yugi Moto

Yugi helps Tag build his deck.

Yugi was present with Tea and the kids during Tag and Anzu's seventeenth birthday. It's then revealed that when Tag was born he sucked on Yugi's finger. During a birthday party, Yugi tells the story of how Tag won his first duel against Grandpa, using a deck that Yugi helped him build, that he still used.

The Thief ReturnsEdit

When Darin comes in and asks where Tag is, Yugi tells him that Tag's in his room.

Journey to the PastEdit

Yugi attends a party to celebrate his son defeating Mel again in a revenge scheme of his called Death-T.

New Member of the FamilyEdit

Yugi x Tea by SetsunaKou

Yugi and Tea go to their room after the celebration party.

Shortly after the party, Yugi and Tea... celebrated Tag's victory their own way... And Tea ended up pregnant. They then told Tag and Anzu, and Tag congratulated Yugi. As Tag and Anzu know knew, Yugi told everybody else at a big get together. He was then congratulated by Joey, Johnny, and Darin. Noticing that Darin and Anzu were starring at Tea's stomach, and knowing about Mahad and Mana guiding Darin on his destiny, Yugi asked if Mana was talking to the baby, and they answered yes. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. Yugi then asked Mana to take her head out of Tea's womb, but she only did it when Mahad told her to.

First Date for the EgyptiansEdit

Yugi later gave Tag advice on what Atem might like to wear on a date with Mana, based on what Yugi wore during the time of Yami's date with Tea.

Virtual ReturnEdit

Return of GozaburoEdit
Egyptian God Monsters

Yugi calls out the three gods.

During the finals in the Teacher's Tournament, Yugi managed to summon all three Egyptian Gods and used his newest card, Name of the Pharaoh, to combine the three Egyptian Gods into Horakhty and had her destroy Kaiba's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Yugi then caught a ride back to Domino on Kaiba's jet with both their families and their kids' friends. When they were pulled into a Fortress, Yugi was shocked to see that they had been captured by Gozaburo and held captive in the Virtual World.

Grandfather vs. GrandsonEdit

During Seth's duel with Gozaburo, Yugi explained the advantage to Exodia being in the Graveyard, and Yugi then pointed out Exodia Necross' weakness in that Gozaburo still took Life Point damage, which inspired Seth's strategy to nearly win.

Prince of GamesEdit

Yugi then witnessed Tag defeat Gozaburo and send him to the Shadow Realm. Following that, he figured out that Gozaburo would be arrogant enough to use Kaiba's own security protocals in the Virtual World, so he had Kaiba use those to escape. Once that was done, they headed home.

Duel Monsters Spirit DayEdit

On Duel Monsters Spirit Day, Yugi ended up meeting a Dark Magician Girl who actually was the Dark Magician Girl, Mana. Yugi refereed Mana and Mahad's duel with Tag and Darin. Yugi tossed a coin and it came up tails. After the duel, Yugi met Mana and Mahad's mother, Anru, the Magician's Valkyria. Yugi said thank you when Anru said that it was an honor to meet him outside of battle.

New Duelist KingdomEdit

At a general get together, Yugi explained to Corin and Gloria Fudo that they had narrowed the baby's name to either Mana or Little Tea. They eventually decided on Mana through a general vote. Yugi then got a package for Tag and gave it to him. Upon learning that it was a package from Industrial Illusions, including a glove, two star chips, and a DVD, Yugi began thinking that this was a bit too familiar. After Tag lost his video duel with Pegasus, Yugi's soul was captured to force Tag to participate in the new Duelist Kingdom.

High School AdventuresEdit

146 92

Yugi and Tea as they walk to school.

A sophomore and just barely surviving freshman year, Yugi is still trying to overcome the bullying he sustained his first year. He's also not-so-secretly in love with Tea, although she's the only one who doesn't see that. Yugi learns from Mana that there's a strong possibility that Tea may like him and that same night, before going to bed, Yugi vaguely hints to Atem that he feels overshadowed by him and that no matter what he does, Atem would always one up him. Yugi recently saved Tea from a perverted class mate. He then saved Tea again from a bomber who had Yugi play a game called "Clock Solitaire". Afterwords, Tea kissed Yugi, and they became a couple... Finally. Yugi went with his brother to Egypt, and didn't do that much. When Mrs. Moto became over-protective of Yugi and Atem, it caused Yugi to vent to Marik and Mokuba how he feels that he always needs someone to help him, including Tea. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. He ended up promising to spend an hour a day with his mother after he and Atem convinced her to return to normal.

The Little Dark Magician GirlEdit

013 41

Yugi and Tea during the fight with Vivian.

Yugi is the adopted cousin of Mana and a Dark Magician. He is very supportive of Mana's adventurous nature and her love of humans. On the 5,000th anniversary of the Ka World's separation from the Human World, Yugi went with Tea to see where Mana was and found her humming to herself. When she pretended to see a human to prove a point she made, Tea jumped into Yugi's arms, and he collapsed under the pressure. He then shouted at Mana for calling him little. He then joked that a fork Mana found was a miniature pitchfork. After that, he and Tea followed Mana to where they usually hung out with Joey.

When Joey called what Mana found a dingle hopper, Yugi asked what it was and was told, along with Tea and Mana, that it was used by humans to comb their hair. When Mana was reminded about the concert, Yugi suggested that if they hurried back home, they could make it back in time.

They didn't make it in time, and as Torunka reprimanded Mana, Yugi tried defending Mana by explaining that they had lost track of time when they were talking to Joey, which resulted in an argument between Torunka and Mana about the human world. Yugi and Tea then left with Mana. At Mana's treasure cave, Yugi asked if Mana was okay, which she responded to by saying that maybe her father was right, but she just couldn't see how the Human World could be bad if they made such wonderful things. Yugi then joined Mana in begging a just arrived Mahad and Tristan not to tell Torunka about the place.

After Mana flew up to look at a passing ship, Yugi and the others followed her. As a hurricane picked up, Mahad defended the two, Tristan, and Joey with his magic as he frantically searched for Mana.

They then arrived at the shore as Mana laid there with an unconscious human. As they watched Mana starring at the human lovingly, Yugi agreed with Tea that it was like a story they heard called Pyramus and Thisbe. They then returned home with the others.

Shortly after Mana's sixteenth birthday, Yugi and Tea grabbed a Puzzle piece from the wreckage of the human's ship and decided to give it to Mana. They then told Mana they had a surprise for her and took her to the treasure cave.

Yugi and Tea then gave Mana the puzzle piece when they arrived, but soon after they did that, Torunka arrived, and the two quickly left after Torunka ordered them to. After Torunka destroyed Mana's collection, save the puzzle piece, Tea and Yugi tried to comfort her, but Mahad felt it would be best if they left her alone.

Yugi verbalized his sympathy for Mana. When Mana passed them with two Humanoid Slimes on the way to Vivian, the Dragon Lady, Yugi asked what they were supposed to do, and he, Tea, and Tristan went with Mahad to try and stop Mana themselves. When Mana and Mahad were pulled to the Human World after Mana traded her voice to become a human, Yugi and Tea flew up after them to help if they could.

After grabbing Mana and Mahad, they pulled them ashore. When Mahad shouted at Joey for not realizing that Mana had been turned into a human, Tristan jumped into Yugi's arms, and he collapsed. When Mahad found out that he was a human, Yugi tried to go ahead with the idea of Mana getting together with the Prince. When Joey left to tell the prince where they were, Yugi tried to tell him that they should get some clothes for Mana for decensy, but Joey was too quick, so Yugi just let it be. Once Atem helped Mahad and Mana to his castle, Yugi sighed about the hard part, getting the two to fall in love in three days. When Tristan went off to keep an eye on Mahad and Mana, Yugi gave him until tonight to beg to go home.

During the first day, Yugi and Tea learned that Torunka was frantic to find Mana and Mahad, and they also learned that a contract Mana signed to be with Atem was absolutely binding, so if Mana can't kiss Atem in time, she'll belong to Vivian, but Mahad will just return to normal the day after tomorrow.

During a date Mana had with Atem, Yugi asked a hidden Tristan if they kissed yet only to find out that they hadn't.

When the day was over, and Atem and Mana hadn't kissed yet, Yugi suggested tweaking the circumstances. When Tristan began creating the mood, Yugi used his magic to cause reeds to knock on a log rythmically and to guide te boat through the most romantic areas. As this happened, Yugi place his hand on Tea's, and she didn't object.

After the attempt failed, Yugi insisted that they couldn't give up and got an idea on how to get Atem and Mana together. He then took Tea to Mana's treasure cave and picked up the puzzle piece they gave her and wrapped it up for Mana to give to Atem, and for her to give it to him before participating in a singing contest to see who Atem's bride would be.

They then explained their plan to Mahad and Mana the next morning and had Mana grab the prettiest dress she could find and helped her practice.

When they found out that Atem was going to marry a young woman over Mana, Yugi wondered what changed his mind since he was sure he loved Mana. They then learned that the girl was actually Vivian, and she was putting Atem under a spell to force Mana to run out of time. Yugi and Tea then went with Mahad and Mana to the ship on a small boat, and Yugi helped make it go faster with his magic.

Once they arrived, Yugi and Tea stayed behind as Mahad and Mana climbed up the boat. Yugi then promised to help Atem and his friends help Mana and Mahad against Vivian when the time runs out, along with Tea.

They then arrived to help Mana and Mahad with Vivian once she took the Grand Magic Scepter from Torunka. Vivian then turned herself into the Mythic Dragon. On advice from Isis, Yugi joined forces with Mahad and Mana to attack Vivian.

During Mana and Atem's plan to defeat Vivian, Yugi and Tea combine their power to keep Mana steady, so she could remove the Grand Magic Scepter, which allowed her to be destroyed by Horakhty.

Yugi then went to the Human World with everyone else. Yugi and Tea then had tears in their eyes as Mana was turned into a permanent human by Torunka, and she left for the palace with Atem, along with Mahad and Isis.

Yugi then attended Mana and Atem's wedding with Tea, and he got a kiss on his nose from the bride before she and Atem left for their honey moon.

The Little Dark Magician Girl II: Return to the Ka WorldEdit

CM05 58

Yugi at the time of Morgana's defeat.

Two years after the fight with Vivian, Yugi and Tea went to meet Mana at the sea to look at her new baby girl, Melody. When they arrived, Melody giggled and waved at them. Yugi and Tea then witnessed Morgana try and use Melody to get the Scepter, and how she was stopped by Torunka, Mana, and Atem. They also saw her get away. After that, when they learned that Mana wouldn't even go into the sea, much less the Ka World, with Melody until Morgana was found, they both protested, but Mana remained firm. The two then went back to the Ka World with Torunka.

Twelve years after Morgana's failed attack, Yugi and Tea got married and had two twin children. A boy named Tag and a girl named Anzu. Yugi had then grown to look like a pale Atem in a Dark Magician outfit. Yugi then reunited with Mana, along with Tea, when she was searching for Melody, who ran away. Yugi then volunteered to help her, along with the rest of his family. Yugi suggested checking around areas where humans could fall into the Ka World from, but they still failed to find Melody. They then returned to the palace to find the Scepter missing. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. Yugi, Tea, Tag, and Anzu then followed Mana when she saw two Humanoid Slimes that accompanied Morgana during the failed attack.

They then arrived at the frozen north at a cave where the Humanoid Slimes went in. Yugi refused to leave Mana to go alone in there when she told them to go tell Torunka since Yugi figured that Morgana and her whole crew were in there. When Mana had Joey and Mai do it instead, Yugi slapped himself in the forehead. When they arrived, Morgana welcomed them and failed to remember Yugi's name, but Yugi also stood up to her friend, Diabound. Yugi and Tea were then imprisoned by Morgana with Melody after she gave Morgana the Scepter. They then tried to comfort her about her mistake. They then tried to break out, but their magic wasn't strong enough, so they went back to comforting Melody.

Eventually, Diabound smashed through the wall of their cell thanks to Mahad's son, Manar, and his and Melody's harpie friend, Duke. Yugi then advised that they got out of there as soon as possible, and Yugi was incapacitated by Morgana when she forced him to bow in front of her. They were released once Melody grabbed the Scepter and gave it back to Torunka.

Yugi and his family then participated in the party to celebrate the defeat of Morgana and the reuniting of their family. When Atem and Mana kissed, Yugi and Tea covered their children's eyes. Yugi then encouraged Manar to show them a spell he just mastered, and it was a fire work technique that made two figures of Mana and Melody as Dark Magician Girls.

Kisara and the BeastEdit

013 76

Yugi attacks Marik.

On day, on Christmas, an orphan named Yugi passed out in front of the castle. He was adopted by one of the castle's workers, Isis, thus gaining a new home and a new sister, Mana. She also involved Yugi in manners lessons she was teaching Mana. The master of the castle, Prince Seto Kaiba then realized Yugi was there and only let him stay when Isis accepted full responsibility for Yugi. When Ishizu placed the curse on the castle, Yugi was turned into a Dark Magician.

Four years later, Yugi met an old man named Solomon who had been lost in the woods. When Kaiba found out about the stranger, Yugi clutched at Isis with Mana.

Shortly after that, Yugi and Mana ran to Isis and said that there was a girl in the castle, but Isis didn't believe them until Mai gave her the same news. Yugi then remarked that she was real pretty too.

Yugi then met Solomon's step-daughter, Kisara, when she agreed to take Solomon's place and ended up in an old room. Yugi was perfectly friendly to her. Kisara then played with Yugi and Mana for a little while.

Later that night, Isis gently shoved Yugi and Mana in the direction of their rooms as it was time for bed, Yugi tried to say that they weren't, but a yawn that happened while he said it ruined the effect. Yugi and Mana then walked to their rooms as slowly as possible.

A few days after Kaiba saved Kisara from a pack of Silver Fangs and Flower Wolves, Yugi tried to see what was there that wasn't, but not only could he not see over the adults' heads, he couldn't see anything when he did get a chance to look at them. Yugi then asked Isis if he'd ever be a boy again, and Isis said that it would hopefully be very soon now. She then took them to the living room.

Yugi was as excited as Mana at the idea of being human again. While cleaning up the castle, Yugi and Mana played with a pair of curtain rods like they were swords before Isis took them away. Yugi then used a feather duster to help Mana clean the windows. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. Yugi then ran into the ball room with Mana while Isis watched carefully. Yugi and Mana then fell asleep from all the excitement.

That night, Yugi and Mana were allowed to stay up and watch Kaiba and Kisara's date, but right afterwords, Isis sent them to bed despite their protesting. Yugi didn't go to bed, so he heard about Kisara leaving.

When Mana disappeared soon after Kisara left, Yugi was worried about her, and he was the first to see Bakura and his mob attacking. When mostly everyone left, Yugi closed the door and scared Tristan.

Yugi then called out the charge during the attack, and easily knocked out a girl named Vivian. Yugi then blasted Marik into a wall with a Dark Magic Attack.

When it looked like Kaiba died, Yugi clung to Isis with Mana as she tried to comfort them. When Kisara and Kaiba confessed their love and the spell was broken, Yugi turned back to normal. Seto then ruffled his hair as he smiled. Yugi's ears were then covered by Isis when it looked like a conversation with Joey and Mai was about to turn verbally ugly.

During Seto and Kisara's wedding, Yugi asked if Seto and Kisara would live happily ever after, which Isis replied with, "Of course."

Yugi MotoEdit

003 12

Yugi looks at the palace, wishing for more.

An orphaned boy that spent his whole life alone on the streets. He and his friends have been reduced to stealing food just to survive. He trusts that one day he and his friends will be much more than that. After stealing a piece of bread for them to eat, Yugi gave his piece to some starving orphans. He later helped save them from being trampled by the procession of an arrogant horse. Yugi was then kicked into the mud, and that night, at the home of him and his two best friends, Joey and Tristan, Yugi promised that someday, things were gonna change.

The day after next, Yugi planned a raid of melons for his, Joey, and Tristan's breakfast. Then he sees a disguised Princess Tea, and he instantly falls in love with her. He then saves Tea from having her hand cut off by a fruit vendor named Ushio by saying that she was his sister, and she was a little crazy. It worked until several apples Joey stole fell out of his shirt, and they simply ran for it.

He then took Tea to his, Joey, and Tristan's home, and he learned that Tea's father was forcing her to get married, but Yugi wished there was something he could do to help, and just before they were about to kiss, Seto arrived to arrest Yugi. He then helped Tea get out of the constricting house, but he ended up caught by Seto. After he was caught by Seto, he found out who Tea was and then was sent to the dungeon.

There, he met an old man who promised to free him and give him a reward if he gave the man a box hidden in the Cave of Wonders. Once they made it inside, Yugi made friends with a Dark Magician named Mahad. Mahad led Yugi, Joey, and Tristan to where the box was, and Yugi grabbed the box, but Joey also grabbed a large ruby that caused the cave to collapse, but Yugi and his friends just barely made it out thanks to Mahad, but when the old man took the box, he attempted to kill Yugi before Joey stopped him. Yugi and his friends then fell into the cave, and Yugi lost consciousness.

When Yugi awoke, he found that Joey had stolen back the box, and Yugi found that it was a puzzle. Yugi solved it and gained a new friend with magical abilities named Yami. Yami explained that he would grant Yugi three wishes. Yami then used his magic to help everyone out of the cave.

After getting out of the cave, Yugi promises to use his third wish to free Yami, and he uses his first wish to become a prince, so that he can have a chance with Tea. Yami then turns Yugi into a prince christened Prince Atli Ababwa.

Yugi then arrives at Agrabah as Atli and explains to Shimon that he's there to win Tea's hand. Yugi then helped Shimon onto Mahad's traveling circle for a ride, and after that, Yugi told Shimon that he would win Tea as a counter to Anubis' objections, but Tea hears and walks off in a huff.

That night, Yugi asks for help from Yami at what he should do, but he refuses to tell Tea the truth as he doesn't believe Tea would love him if he did that. Yugi then flies up to Tea's balcony and tries to impress her, but that doesn't go anywhere, and he then apologizes for indirectly calling her something to be won and is about to leave when Tea asks what Yugi's friend Mahad is, and they end up going on a date around the world. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. He then accidentally admits that he's the boy Tea met at the market place, but he covers up the truth by saying that he simply dresses as a commoner to escape palace pressures, which Tea accepts.

After Yugi says good night to Tea, he's captured by the guards, under the control of Anubis, and flung into the ocean. He manages to call out Yami just before losing consciousness, and his second wish is used to save his life. He then confronts Anubis and reveals him as a traitor. He then discovers that Tea plans to marry him, which excites him until he learns that he would be made into a Sultan afterwords. Yugi then told Yami that he couldn't wish Yami free since he'd need his third wish as a last resort, and he ends up shouting at Yami when he gives him the cold shoulder along with Joey, Tristan, and Mahad, but Yugi realizes that Yami was right, and he decides to tell Tea the truth, and he goes to the menagerie to find Tea, leaving the Puzzle behind.

Yugi is then brought up as the fiance of Tea, and he soon discovers that Anubis has taken possession of the Puzzle and is using it to make himself, Sultan. Yugi calls out for help from his friends, who respond immediately, but he can't do anything to stop Yami, much less when Yami's forced to turn Anubis into the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. Anubis then reveals to Tea who Yugi really is, and Yugi tries to apologize, but before he can, Anubis sends him into a pillar that goes off to the frozen north.

Yugi screams out for his friends before they arrive, and they manage to free Mahad from the pillar as it rolls down, and Yugi gets the idea to cover themselves at the window. They then head back to Agrabah. Once they arrive, Yugi has Tea pretend to be attracted to Anubis to keep him busy while Yugi tries to grab the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi almost succeeds, but Anubis sees him in the reflection of a tiara Tea's wearing. He's then blasted aside and ends up facing Anubis alone when Tea's trapped in a giant hourglass, Joey and Tristan are turned to stone, and Mahad's turned into sand. Anubis then turns himself into a snake and wraps himself around Yugi before he taunts Anubis about Yami being more powerful than Anubis, thus tricking Anubis into turning himself into a yami. While this happens, Yugi frees Tea from the hourglass, and then he points out to Anubis that since he's become a yami, he must be confined, and he ends up trapped in the Pyramid of Light, which Yami then gladly tosses into the Cave of Wonders.

After that, Yugi apologizes to Tea for lying, but she forgives him as he didn't have any other option. Yami the advices that Yugi wishes to be a prince again as true love isn't something you find every millennium. Yugi then explains that he's gotta stop being something he's not, so he wishes for Yami's freedom. After that, he's asked by Yami to wish for the Nile to test out the wish's effectiveness, and Yami refuses. He then hugs Yugi and Tea before packing, and Yugi says he'll miss him and hugs Yami good-bye. He's then chosen to be Tea's husband when Shimon allows the princess to marry whoever she wants whenever she wants. Yugi then says good-bye to Yami, and he and Tea take a ride around the city on Mahad's traveling circle to celebrate their engagement.

The Return of AnubisEdit

001 28

Yugi shouts at Bakura for setting him up.

A month after the defeat of Anubis, Yugi, Joey, and Tristan steal Rex Raptor's plunder. They then grabbed the loot and jumped onto Mahad's traveling circle. After doing this, they head out as Joey grabs a jeweled flower and hands it to Yugi. They then escape and head towards Agrabah.

Yugi then tossed the treasure into the streets of Agrabah for the poor people, except for the jeweled flower and a golden bird statue as Yugi wants to give the flower to Tea, and Joey's gonna give the bird to Mai. Yugi and the others then arrive on the balcony, and Yugi's welcomed back by Mala when she pounces on him and licks his cheek. Yugi then gave the jeweled flower to Tea. He then learned that Sultan Shimon wanted to talk to him. Yugi wanted to know if he was in trouble, but Tea assured him that he wasn't. He and Tea then helped pull Tristan away from a "playful" Mala. While he, Joey, and Tristan were walking around, they found Anubis' dog-boy, Bakura, and were about to take him in to be arrested when they ran into Rex Raptor. Yugi and the others then ended up cornered by the thugs and was about to be killed when Bakura tossed Rex into them, thus saving Yugi's life. He then decided to pay him back by making sure Shimon gave him a fair trial.

Yugi then locks Bakura in the green house to keep him safe and promises to try and soften Shimon up and not to mention Bakura to Tea until he's gotten her prepared. When Tea arrives, he then moves her away from the green house and assures her that he doesn't have any secrets. He's then overjoyed when Yami comes back, and he's given a sombrero. After that, Yugi tells Tristan to guard Bakura while everyone else goes to the dinner.

Yugi then enjoys some of Yami's cooking and is told by Shimon that he's been chosen to be Shimon's new Royal Vizier, his most trusted adviser. When Bakura runs in after being chased in by Mala, Yugi admits that he knew Bakura was there and saves Bakura by swearing to take full responsibility for Bakura, which Shimon allows, at a great damaging to his reputation with Shimon and makes Tea extremely hurt that Yugi did almost the same thing he did when he pretended to be Prince Atli. Yugi then walked off, having done the right thing and having it blow up in his face.

What happened with Tea particularly left Yugi depressed. Luckily, they managed to patch things up thanks to some help from Bakura and Yami, and they kissed under the moonlight.

Yugi then apologized again, and he tried to have his friends give him a private moment, which doesn't work until Bakura shouts at them to leave them alone. Yugi then kisses Tea.

The next morning, Yugi talks Tea into trusting Bakura. Bakura then arrives and suggests that Yugi patch things up with Shimon by taking him on a ride on Mahad's traveling circle. Yugi thinks of bringing Yami until Bakura objects that Yami was too flashy, and Tea agreed and said that Yugi needed quiet time with Shimon to patch things up. Yugi then agreed.

Yugi then took Shimon on the ride and managed to loosen him up by making the trip a bit of a ride to the area Bakura talked about, and it helped begin to fix Yugi and Shimon's relationship. They then arrived at a small valley on top of the water fall and helped Shimon up as he congratulated Bakura on his judgment in picking places.

Yugi then took an opportunity to apologize for not telling Shimon about Bakura, but he then says that he thought he saw some good in Bakura like Shimon saw good in Yugi, and this fully fixed their relationship. After that, Yugi thanked Bakura for the idea when several men on black horses, led by Rex Raptor, arrived. They then kidnapped Shimon, and Yugi realized that Bakura had set them up. He then went with Mahad to save Shimon, and he witnessed the black horses turn into black dragons. Yugi then managed to save Shimon, but he lost him and Mahad when a reversed whirlpool sucked them down and tossed Yugi away. He was then kicked off a rock and fell down a waterfall, but he was saved by one of the horsemen as Anubis, having returned and wanting revenge, wanted Yugi's reputation to die before he actually did. Yugi woke up and walked towards a far off Agrabah to get help from the others.

When Yugi arrived, Seto had him arrested for the murder of Shimon. Yugi tried to explain to Seto what happened, but his story was too ridiculous for Seto to believe, and Tea then came down and showed Yugi a slashed up hat Shimon always wore. He was then sentenced to death by beheading for Shimon's aparent murder. Dawn of the next day, Seto took him to be beheaded, and just as it was about to happen, Tea arrived and said good-bye, before covertly turning herself back into Anubis, revealing his hand in everything that had happened and forcing the execution to go on. Yugi was then saved at the last possible moment by the timely arrival of Yami. He then met up with the real Tea and everyone else and confronted Bakura until Tea explained that Bakura had freed Yami, and thus rescued everyone. Yugi then forgave Bakura and said that they had to stop Anubis. They then went with Yami's plan to destroy Anubis by destroying the Pyramid of Light. Yugi then let Bakura leave as he felt that he couldn't ask Bakura to do anymore since he saved everyone only a few moments ago.

The gang tried to grab the Pyramid from Rex, but every attempt was thwarted, and Yugi simply tried to take it when he was spotted by Anubis. He then tried to go after the Pyramid on Mahad while Yami pretended to be Yugi to distract Anubis, but the plan didn't work, and Mahad was shattered. After that, Yugi and Yami had wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon. Yugi then ended up on a chunk of ground when Anubis opened up a fissure in the earth, and the Pyramid was too far away. Yugi then saw Bakura fly in and grab the Pyramid when he was blasted down by Anubis. He also witnessed Bakura toss the Pyramid of Light into the lava as Yugi saved Bakura from falling in as well and was helped back onto the actual ground by Yami, riding on Ra. He then witnessed Anubis explode, which revived Mahad. He then mourned Bakura until he remembered how yamis couldn't kill anyone and realized that Bakura was alive when he joked weakly about being surprised what he could live through. That night, Yugi turned down Shimon's offer of being his vizier as there was too much to do and see, and was more than willing to do it with Tea at his side.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Wreck-it JoeyEdit

Yugi is the protagonist of the game Fix-it Yugi, Jr.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Host Club Edit

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Host Club (an AU fanfic based off the manga Ouran High School Host Club), Yugi is the twin brother of Yami. The two often play a game with other people called, "Which One's Yugi?" where they make the other people playing try to guess which one is Yugi. Chazz is the only one in the school who can tell the two apart. Yugi often has trouble communicating his feelings other than anger.