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The former vessel of Pharaoh Joey and bearer of the Millennium Puzzle as he appears in the show.


first appearance:

The first episode he appeared in is called: the Heart of the cards. in this episode he wins from the worldchampion Seto Kaiba. when Seto Kaiba almost won, Joey placed in the forbidden Exodia

When the story began:[]

In the second episode of season 1 the story really began. Pegasus challenged Joey to a duel in the shadow realm, Joey lost because Pegasus knew exactly what Joey will do because of his millennium eye. Pegasus captured Solomons soul and told Joey that he could get it back if he got to duel kingdom.[]

Duel Kingdom:

a few days later Joey was invited to duelkingdom, but he didn't want to go without his friends so he gave 1 starship to Yugi (because Pegasus gave each player 2 starships) Tea and Tristian just hided somewhere in the boat. When they arrived Joey played alot of duels, just like Yugi did. Joey won each duel, and he got 10 starships at the end, Which means that he could enter the Palace of Pegasus, but then he met Seto Kaiba, who was obsessed about saving his little brother. He challenged Joey and when Joey almost won Seto Kaiba stood on the end of the Wall and said that if Joey doesn't let him win he'll kill hisself. Yami Joey wanted to win and didn't do anything about it. but Joey struggled and he letted Kaiba win, so he lost 8 starships. But Mai was there to save the day and gave Joey 8 starships but he refused, so Tea said that she'd duel with Mai to win the starships. When the duel began Tea was putting in really bad monsters and Mai gave up on purpose to let Tea win. Joey entered the castle and he dueled with Mai, he won. Then he dueled with Yugi and won. At last he dueled with Maximillion Pegasus and he worked together with the spirit of the puzzle to defeat Pegasus. Pegasus ran off when he lost and freed the souls. He was sad because this was the only way to bring back his wife, Cecillia, that was what he wrote in his diary. a while after Pegasus freed the souls Bakura came up to him and took his millennium eye. After that Pegasus got in a coma.

The other episodes:

In another episode from season 1 Joey dueled a girl named Rebecca and letted her win.