The main characters of Yugi Moto and the Duelist's Stone.


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Aknamkanon around the time of Yugi Moto's first year.

Aknamkanon - Aknamkanon Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft, Wizardry, and Dueling, and he's considered by many the best Headmaster Hogwarts ever had and the greatest wizard of modern time. Aknamkanon is particularly famous for his defeat of the Dark Wizard, Grindlewald, his discovery of the twelve uses of dragon's blood, and his work on alchemy with his partner, Ironheart Flamel. He is said to be the only one Anubis was ever afraid of. He enjoys Sherbet Lemon, chamber music, and ten-pin bowling. When Rafael was expelled in his third year, Aknamkanon had Rafael made an apprentice to the Gamekeeper. After Atem and Mana were killed, Aknamkanon leaves their son with his aunt and uncle. At the start of term feast of Yugi's first year, Aknamkanon had a few words before they would eat, "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" Leading to Yugi believing that Aknamkanon was a little mad. Aknamkanon then sent the school to bed after they sang the school song and reminding the students, particularly Bakura and Ryou, not to go into the Forbidden Forest. At the Halloween feast, when Arkana announced that there was a troll in the dungeons, Aknamkanon shot out several purple sparks from his wand to calm the students and had the teachers follow him to the dungeons while the prefects would lead the students to their dormitories.

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Rafael arrives to take Yugi to the Wizarding World.

Rafael - Rafael Hagrid is the keeper of keys, grounds, and game at Hogwarts. He's usually trusted by Aknamkanon to do important things such as bring Yugi to his aunt and uncle. He's also very emotional as he wept when Aknamkanon left Yugi at the doorstep of Number 4 Private Drive. He was expelled from Hogwarts in his third year, but Aknamkanon let him stay on as the Gamekeeper of Hogwarts. When he got expelled, his wand was snapped in two and he embedded his pieces into his umbrella. He was allowed to use magic to send several letters of acceptance to Yugi, but Gozaburo Dursley kept stopping them. Rafael followed them and eventually made it to the shack they were staying at. When he finds out that Yugi doesn't know who he is, Rafael tells him after shouting at the Dursleys. Rafael also explains about how he defeated Anubis as a one-year-old. Rafael was able to convince Yugi of his lineage, and when Gozaburo called Aknamkanon a crackpot old fool, it was the last straw for Rafael, and he used the remains of his wand, hidden in a pink umbrella, to give Ushio a pig's tail. The Dursleys then ran off, and Rafael gave Yugi his jacket to sleep under. The next day, Rafael takes Yugi to London to get his school supplies. He also explains that there's a Ministry of Magic, to hide the fact that Witches and Wizards exist, from the Muggles. He also tells Yugi that he'd love to have a dragon as a pet. Rafael then took Yugi to Diagon Alley through the Leaky Cauldron and took Yugi to Gringotts to get some money for Yugi and something for Aknamkanon. After Yugi gets some money, and after Rafael get's sick on the Gringotts cart, Rafael picks up a package for Aknamkanon and doesn't answer Yugi when he asks what's in it. While Yugi goes to Madame Malkin's, Rafael goes to the Leaky Cauldron for a pick-me-up. Later, Yugi tells Rafael about meeting a boy at Madame Malkin's, and Rafael convinces Yugi that the boy's views on wizarding being kept in wizarding families are wrong. Rafael also buys Yugi a young Harpie Lady in a pure white dress. Rafael accompanied Yugi to get his wand. After leaving Diagon Alley and treating Yugi to a hamburger, Rafael gives Yugi his ticket to Hogwarts and a few more words of encouragement. He also brought Yugi and the rest of the First Years to a bunch of boats to take them up to the castle. Rafael then took the First Years to Professor Isis McGonagall and then left to the staff table of the Great Hall. When Yugi was sorted into Gryffindor, Rafael gave him the thumbs up. During the feast, Rafael spent most of his time drinking from his goblet. On Yugi's first friday, Rafael invited Yugi to his hut for tea after his potions class. Yugi arrives with his friend, Joey, where they meet Rafael's pet, Guardian Eatos. Rafael then becomes very silent when Yugi reads a paper and discovers that a recent Gringotts robbery happened on his birthday. It was later revealed that the package was at Hogwarts being guarded by a deadly guardian creature. When November started, Rafael spent some time defrosting broomstricks at the Quiditch Pitch.

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Yugi Moto a month before his eleventh birthday.

Yugi - Yugi Moto is the son of Atem and Mana Moto. At the tender age of one, Yugi lost his parents to the evil Anubis. Aknamkanon Dumbledore then had Yugi placed with his aunt, Vivian Dursley, and her husband, Gozaburo. For the next ten years, Yugi was kept as down-trodden as possible. He was forced to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs and was constantly bullied verbally by his Aunt Vivian and his one-month-older cousin, Ushio. Every year for the nine years since he was taken in, while Aunt Vivian and Uncle Gozaburo took Ushio and a friend to a fantastic place for Ushio's birthday, Yugi was forced to stay with the cat-obsessed Mrs. Fig. On Ushio's eleventh birthday, Mrs. Fig broke her leg, so she couldn't let Yugi stay with her. Yugi was then allowed to go with Ushio and Ushio's friend, Bonz, to the zoo. Things went well until they arrived at the Reptile House. Yugi ends up talking to a Rainbow Snake, and when Ushio pushes him aside to see it, the glass disappears, and the snake goes to Brazil, thanking Yugi... verbally. Uncle Gozaburo and Aunt Vivian blame Yugi and send him to the cupboard with no meals. When Yugi got out, it was the summer holidays. He was enrolled in Stonewall High while Ushio was going to go to Smeltings. One day, Yugi finds a letter to himself, but Gozaburo takes it from him without telling him why. That evening, Yugi was given Ushio's second bedroom, but he still thought about that letter. After not getting another letter, Yugi develops a plan to make sure he gets one. He attempts to get the mail for the house first, but Gozaburo stops him, yet that doesn't stop the flow of letters. On Sunday morning, when letters fly in through the chimney, Gozaburo loses his temper and has all of them leave. The letters appear to follow Yugi though as when they arrive at a hotel, about 100 letters arrive at the front desk for him, but Gozaburo takes them all. On the eve of Yugi's eleventh birthday, the Dursleys take him to an old shack on a rock in the middle of the sea to stop any chance of one of the letters arriving. The very minute that Yugi's birthday arrives, someone knocks very loudly to come in. The person who comes in is a giant of a man named Rafael. From him, Yugi learns that he's a Wizard, and that he's famous because of Anubis disappearing after Anubis failed to kill Yugi. Yugi seriously doubted he was a wizard at first until he realized that everything that ever made his aunt and uncle angry at him was because of unconscious magic he'd done after Rafael explained. After Rafael gave Ushio a pig tail for Gozaburo insulting Aknamkanon Dumbledore, Yugi was given Rafael's over coat, and he went to sleep. Yugi also learns about the Ministry of Magic and what he needs for school on the way to London. Once they arrive in London, Rafael takes Yugi to the wizard pub, the Leaky Cauldron. There, almost everyone shakes Yugi's hand. Yugi also meets Professor Arkana who will teach Yugi, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Yugi and Rafael then go to the wizard street, Diagon Alley. They then enter the Gringotts bank to grab some money for Yugi and to get something out of another vault for Aknamkanon. Yugi and Rafael are led to the vault by a goblin called Mokuba. After Yugi grabs some gold for school, he goes with Rafael to the next vault, and Rafael takes out an odd box that is very small. They then head out. Yugi goes to Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions to get his robes. There, he meets a boy, Kaiba. Kaiba is very egotistical and criticizes Muggle-Born wizards and Rafael. Yugi talks to Rafael about it, and Rafael encourages him, particularly by saying how Mana was one of the best witches he ever knew, and she was Muggle-Born. Also, Rafael buys Yugi a young Harpie Lady in a white sleeveless gown. Yugi then went to Arthur Hawkins' shop to get a wand. After several tries, Yugi found a wand, and Arthur explained that Yugi's wand shares a core with Anubis' wand. Yugi later confesses his worries about being at Hogwarts to Rafael, and after some comforting words from Rafael, Yugi gets his ticket to the Hogwarts Express and is sent back to the Dursleys for one more month. On the day before Yugi was to go to the train to Hogwarts, Yugi asked the Dursleys to drive him, and they agreed since they need to take Ushio to a private hospital to have his tail removed. When Yugi arrived, he realized something. There was no visible Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The Dursleys then drove off laughing. Yugi was beginning to panic until he saw a large family use the Wizard term "Muggles". He then saw the three oldest sons of a tan woman walk through the barrier between Platform 9 and 10. Yugi then asks the mother of the family how to get onto the platform, and she explains that all Yugi has to do is walk through the barrier. Yugi does so, and as he tries to get his trunk up, he's helped by two white-haired twins that were in the family Yugi met. Afterwards, they notice Yugi's scar and realizes that Yugi's... Well Yugi. Yugi then met the youngest boy in the family personally, Joey. The two then talk about each other's family lives as they see each other as interesting. When a lady in green brings up a trolley full of snacks, Yugi buys some of everything, and when he opens a chocolate frog, he gets a card of Dumbledore. He also braved the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans with Joey. Eventually, Tristan comes in looking for his toad, but Yugi and Joey say they haven't seen him. When Joey tells Yugi about a spell to turn his rat, Scabbers, yellow, a blond girl named Mai arrives. After the spell is proven to be an utter dud, Mai goes on for about twenty minutes about Hogwarts at a speed that would make a cheetah pant, and leaves. After Mai and Tristan leave, Yugi sees Kaiba again with two friends/cronies of his named Rex and Weevil. Kaiba attempts to become friends with Yugi, but Yugi refused as he already saw enough of Kaiba's personality to know he didn't like him, and Kaiba was about to have his friends steal their food, but when Weevil is attacked by Scabbers, they retreat. Yugi then learns that Kaiba's family were followers of Anubis'. Soon after, they learn from Mai that the train's getting closer, so they change into their robes. They then get off the train and take boats to Hogwarts, led by Rafael. Professor Isis McGonagall then arrived to take over from Rafael and Yugi with everyone else was escorted to a side chamber just off the Great Hall where she explained about the point system and explained that before they can eat, they must be sorted into one of the houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Yugi became as nervous as everyone else as he had no idea what he was supposed to do, but he quickly forgot about that when he saw several ghosts arrive and depart. After that, Ishizu arrives and brings them into the hall where she shows them the Millennium Key, which will choose which house they'll go to. This is a relief to Yugi. Yugi is sorted into Gryffindor, but the Key seriously considers putting him in Slytherin. Afterwords, while eating, Yugi meets the Gryffindor Ghost, Nearly-Headless Shadi and hears about the Potions teacher, Seto Snape, who causes Yugi's scar to tingle when they meet eyes. After the feast and a speech from Aknamkanon, Yugi and the rest of the First Years to Gryffindor Tower by Joey's brother Zane where they run into a poltergeist named Espa Roba, but they get past him when Zane threatens to tell Hassan, the Slytherin House ghost. Yugi then goes to sleep where he has a nightmare about Kaiba laughing at him as he wears Arkana's mask and hat. Kaiba then turns into Seto, who then turns into an obscured version of Anubis who then releases a jet of green light. Yugi wakes up worriedly and then goes back to sleep. When he wakes up, he doesn't remember the dream at all. Yugi's first week was rather hard as he kept getting lost with Joey and accidentally trying to enter the third floor corridor, which is forbidden. This puts them on Alister's bad side on their first day. Yugi's first potions class goes even worse as Seto questioned Yugi about several complicated potions things, and when Yugi snapped at him, Seto took five points from Gryffindor for Yugi's cheek, and another 5 were taken when Yugi's potions partner, Tristan accidentally melted his cauldron. He then went to Rafael's with Joey and found out that a recent Gringotts break-in had occurred on his birthday, and it gave him a lot to think about. As time went on, Kaiba replaced Ushio as the boy Yugi hated the most in the world. When Yugi found out that flying lessons would take place with the Slytherins, he dreaded it as he didn't want to make a fool of himself in front of Kaiba. He and Joey nearly got into a fight with Kaiba when he took Tristan's new Rememberall when Isis arrived. During Flying Class, Yugi's broom was one of the only ones to come up when Yugi told it to. He later flew after Kaiba when he stole Tristan's Rememberall and caught it just before it hit the ground when Kaiba tossed it. Yugi was caught by Isis and took him to meet the captain, Bastion. After that, Yugi was made the new Gryffindor Seeker. He also learned that his father was a good Quiditch Player. Yugi later told Joey this, and he ended up accepting a Wizard's duel with Kaiba with Joey as his second. He then asked Joey what a Wizard Duel was. He then told Mai that it was none of her business when she tried to stop them. Eventually, Yugi and Joey prepared to leave when Mai tried to stop them. again, but Yugi kept going as Mai ended up going with them when she left to have a final word and ended up locked out. Yugi then ran into Tristan and eventually agreed that he could come too. At the trophy room, Yugi didn't see anyone, but he did hear Alister approaching and ran for it with the others. He then hesitantly agreed with Mai that it was a trap set up by Kaiba. Yugi then ran into Espa with the others and rushed off as Espa screamed that students were out of bed. Yugi then rushed into a door as Alister arrived and walked off angrily when Espa didn't say anything. Yugi then turned to see a large monster in the room, the Forbidden corridor. Yugi then rushed off with the others, choosing Alister over death. They then managed to get back to the Common Room without getting into trouble, and after a comment from Mai, Yugi realized that the creature was standing on a trap door and guarding something, the package Rafael took out of Gringotts. Yugi thought meeting the monster was an excellent adventure and informed Joey about the package and assumed that it could be either very valuable and/or dangerous. Yugi then gets a Nimbus 2000 by Isis and gets to gloat about it to Kaiba when he fails to get Yugi in trouble for having it. After classes, Yugi meets with Bastion and learns about Quiditch. Yugi also learns that as the Seeker, his job is to catch the Winged Kuriboh, and if he does that, he'll end the game and more often than not win the game for Gryffindor. They then practiced with golf balls, and Yugi didn't miss any of them. By Halloween, Yugi felt more at home at Hogwarts than anywhere else. At Charms class, Yugi was paired with Duke and tried to make his feather fly but failed. Yugi then pointed out that he figured Mai heard Joey when he said that no one could stand her. At the feast, Yugi had a good time until Arkana arrived and announced that there was a troll in the dungeons. Yugi wondered how a troll got into the castle and quickly remembered that Mai was still in the bathroom and didn't know about the troll. Yugi and Joey then went to the girls' bathroom to warn Mai when they noticed Seto going to the third floor. Shortly after that, they smelled the troll and managed to lock it in a room when it went inside, and then to their horror they realized it was the girls' bathroom. Yugi and Joey then rushed in to find the troll. Yugi jumped on the trolls back and stuck the pointed end of the Millennium Puzzle into its nose, causing it to thrash about! Once Joey had used the levitation charm to knock the troll's club on its head, Yugi confirmed that it was just knocked out and wiped the troll's boogers on its pants. Due to the noise of the fight, they were met by Isis, Seto, and Arkana. Yugi nervously listened to Isis' stern chastisement of them. He then looked down to avoid Seto's gaze. When Mai covered for them, Yugi went along with it. Yugi was left speechless by Mai's selflessness in getting Yugi and Joey out of trouble. After getting five points for stopping a full-grown mountain troll, Yugi pointed out to Joey that Mai wouldn't have needed saing if they hadn't locked the troll in the girl's bathroom she had been in. At the Common Room, Yugi said thanks to Mai and became her friend. On November 11, Yugi would be in his first Quiditch Matach as Yugi nervously thought of how some thought he'd be brilliant and some said they'd be under him with a matress. With Mai's help, Yugi was able to get through all his homework on top of the Quiditch Practice. He also learned more about Quiditch from a book called Quiditch Through the Ages. The Friday before the match, Yugi, Joey, and Mai were sitting around a fire Mai had created when Seto arrived. Yugi then reluctantly handed Seto Quiditch Through the Ages and was told that Library books weren't to be taken out of the castle, losing five points while Yugi believed he made the rule up and wondered what was wrong with Seto's leg.

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Joey getting ready to fight Kaiba.

Joey - The youngest son of the family that helped Yugi onto Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. It's his first year at Hogwarts too. On the train, Joey's personally introduced to Yugi, and they talk to each other and become very friendly. When Yugi brings in a bunch of sweets to snack on, Joey explains the different candies to Yugi. He and Yugi go through the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans when a boy named Tristan arrives looking for his toad, but Joey responds that they haven't seen him. Joey then tells Yugi about a spell his older brother, Bakura, gave him to turn his rat, Scabbers, yellow. Just when he's about to do it, a blonde girl walks in. Her name's Mai, and when the spell's proven to be a dud, she goes on about all the things she's learned from reading and about Hogwarts. When she leaves, Joey hopes that she isn't in the same house he's in. Joey then explains what his older brothers, Jaden and Atticus, do. He then explains Quiditch when Kaiba arrives. Joey takes a dislike to him instantly as Kaiba insults Joey's family as soon as he sees him. Scabbers then saves them from Kaiba, and they end up leaving. Mai then comes in again and says that they're almost there. Joey and Yugi then change into their robes, and they are taken to the school, by way of boats across the lake, by Yugi's friend, Rafael. Rafael then gives them over to Professor Isis McGonagal, and they are told about the point system, and that they must be sorted. Joey says that his eldest twin brother, Bakura, said that the test hurts a lot. When he finds out that it's just putting a fancy key on your head, Joey's angry since Bakura said that he had to wrestle a troll. Joey was sorted into Gryffindor, and he recognized Shadi from the descriptions his brothers gave him. After the feast, Joey was escorted to the Gryffindor Common Room by his brother, Zane. Along the way, they run into Espa Roba, who Zane gets rid of him by threatening to go to Hassan, the Bloody Baron. Joey then goes to sleep after stopping Scabbers from eating his sheets. Joey ends up lost a lot during his first week along with Yugi, and he ends up accidentally trying to get into the forbidden corridor, which puts them at the wrong side of Alister on their first day. Joey managed to survive his first Potions class, and went to Rafael's with Yugi. When flying lessons drew nearer, Joey bragged about how he nearly hit a hang-glider on his brother, Atticus' old broom. He also got into a fight with a friend of his named Namu about Quiditch and Soccer as Joey couldn't see what was so fun about a game with only one ball where no one was allowed to fly. He was about to fight Kaiba when he took Tristan's Rememberall when Isis arrived. Joey later attended class and cheered for Yugi when he saved Tristan's Rememberall from Kaiba and tried to explain what happened to Isis when she arrived, but Isis wouldn't listen. Joey then learned from Yugi that he'd been made a Seeker for the Gryffindor Quiditch Team. He then volunteered to be Yugi's second when he accepted Kaiba's challenge to a Wizard's Duel. Joey then explains a Wizard's Duel to Yugi, and he tells good-bye to Mai when she tries to talk Yugi out of dueling. At half-past eleven, Joey advised that they should get going. As they entered the Common Room, they were halted by Mai, but Joey shouted for her to go back to bed. Joey then left with Yugi, followed by Mai. Joey then shouts for Mai to go away, which doesn't work as she ends up locked out of Gryffindor tower. Joey then objects to her coming with them when she forces her company. They then end up running into Tristan, who joins them too, with Joey promising that he'll learn the Curse of the Bogies and used it on them. Joey then arrived at the trophy room with the others. When Kaiba was late, Joey theorized that he chickened out. When they heard Alister coming, Joey and everyone else bolted out. When Espa showed up to cause some trouble, Joey threw a punch at him which caused Espa to shout for Filch, and Joey and the others ran off. Joey then followed Yugi through a door as Alister arrived and walked off angrily when Espa didn't say anything. Joey then turned to see a large monster in the room, the Forbidden corridor. Yugi then rushed off with the others. They then managed to get back to the Common Room without getting into trouble, and Joey muttered what the teachers thought they were doing keeping the creature locked up in the school, only to be shouted at by Mai. Joey then gets angry at Mai as she walks off as she talks as if they had dragged her after them. Joey believed meeting the monster was an excellent adventure and learned about a package that was aparently moved from Gringotts and Hogwarts by Yugi. Soon after this, Joey hears about Yugi getting a Nimbus 2000 and is awed by it. He then laughs at Kaiba when he fails to get Yugi in trouble for having it. On Halloween, Joey got paired with Mai in Charms class. Joey tried to make his feather fly, but he failed. When Mai did the spell perfectly, Joey grumbled and said that no one could stand her, which was why she didn't have friends, but he did feel bad when Mai rushed passed him in tears and even worse when he heard that Mai was crying in the girls' bathroom. At the Halloween feast, Joey had an okay time until Arkana arrived and announced there was a troll in the dungeons. Joey then explained to Yugi that trolls were really stupid and it was possible that Espa let it in as a Halloween joke. Joey then agreed to go warn Mai about the troll. Joey eventually found the troll and locked it in a room only to find out that it was the girls' bathroom Mai was in. Joey rushed in with Yugi and used Wingardium Leviosa to knock the troll out with its own club. When Isis, Seto, and Arkana arrived due to the noise, Joey didn't put his wand down until Mai told a downright lie to Isis and said they were saving her because she went looking for the troll. Joey went along with the idea. After getting five points for taking out a full-grown mountain troll, Joey grumbled about it and noted how it was nice of Mai to get them out of trouble, though he did point out that they saved her. At the Common Room, Joey said thanks to Mai and became her friend. Friday before the match, Yugi, Joey, and Mai were sitting around a fire Mai had created when Seto arrived. After Seto bullied Yugi and limped off, Joey said he didn't know what was wrong with his leg but hoped it was really hurting him.

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Mai's bossing people around again.

Mai - Mai Valentine was born in a Muggle family and completely taken aback when she finds out that she's a witch. She then goes through every book she can to be prepared for coming. On the train, she meets a boy named Tristan, who lost his toad, so Mai helps Tristan look for him. While looking, she meets Joey, who was about to do a spell, and when the spell doesn't work, Mai takes the opportunity to talk about the spells that she's learned, and how she's learned all the course books by heart. When she finds out that the small boy sitting next to Joey is Yugi Moto, she's star-struck as she came across Yugi's defeat of Anubis in several books. She then heads out to help Tristan find his toad. She comes back when she hears several boys shouting about rats, and after figuring out that everything appeared to be okay, she told Yugi and Joey to put on their robes as she heard they were nearly there. When she, along with the other first years, were led to the side-chamber, she tried to run over all the spells she learned in preparation for the unknown test, which was the Millennium Key deciding which house was best for them. Mai was sorted into Gryffindor. Mai was mostly interested in Transfiguration as she talked about it with Joey's elder brother, Zane. Mai proved just how quickly she learned as she was the only student in her class to turn her match into a needle for Isis. Mai tried to prove herself in Seto's class, but Seto just told her to put her hand down and ignored her. Mai was extremely nervous about flying as it was something you couldn't learn by heart out of a book, but she tried to by reading Quiditch Through the Ages at breakfast before the class started. Mai attended class, and when she told her broom to come up to her, it just rolled over. She then argued against Yugi going after Kaiba, but he ignored her. Mai then tried to talk Yugi out of dueling against Kaiba, but they didn't listen as it was none of her business. Mai nearly told Joey's brother Zane but instead decided to confront them when they were about to leave. She then tried to talk them out of it again when they refused, following them out of the Common Room, but she then ended up locked out of the Common Room as the Mystic Elf had disappeared. Mai then insisted on coming along as she didn't want to just wait for Alister to catch them and saying that if they ran into Alister, she'd say that she was trying to stop them. After Tristan joined the party, they ended up in the trophy room and ran off when they heard Alister's voice. This allowed Mai to boast about how it was all a trick made by Kaiba when they ran into Espa. Joey then followed Yugi through a door as Alister arrived and walked off angrily when Espa didn't say anything. Mai then turned to see a large monster in the room, the Forbidden corridor. Yugi then rushed off with the others, but Mai also noticed that the monster was standing on a trap door. They then managed to get back to the Common Room without getting into trouble, and Mai shouted at Joey for not using his eyes and explained to the boys that the creature was standing on a trap door, guarding something. She then told them off for nearly getting the four of them killed or worse expelled and went off to bed. After this, Mai refused to talk to Yugi and Joey, accept for shouting at them for getting a reward for breaking rules. Mai stopped talking to Joey and Yugi up until the Charms class on Halloween where she explained that Joey was saying the spell wrong and demonstrated by making a perfect cast of the Wingardium Leviosa charm. Joey then groaned about no one could stand her, which was why she had no friends, and Mai heard him and rushed away. Mai spent the rest of the day in the girls' bathroom. Suddenly, a troll appeared. Mai was saved from being killed when Yugi distracted it and Joey conked it on the head with its own club. Mai then asked if it was dead, but Yugi was sure that it was just knocked out. When Isis, Seto, and Arkana arrived due to the noise, and Isis asked what happened, Mai lied and said that she had gone off looking for the troll and had Yugi and Joey simply saving her. Mai lost five points for this and left. At the Common Room, she waited for Joey and Yugi and said thanks to them. Mai then became Yugi and Joey's friend. After that, Mai helped Yugi keep up with his homework on top of Quiditch Practice. After the troll, Mai had relaxed about breaking rules and became nicer to the boys. On the Friday before the match, she made a portable fire to keep themselves warm.


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Seto introduces himself.

Seto - Seto Snape is a teacher at Hogwarts. He teaches potions, but he'd prefer to have Arkana's job. When Yugi first saw him at the start of term feast, Yugi's scar hurt him. Seto's head of Slytherin, and he favors them according to Joey. During Yugi's first Potions class, Seto picked on Yugi by asking several complicated questions. He then shouted down Mai when she tried to answer. The only person in his class he seemed to like was Kaiba, and he also shouted at Tristan and Yugi for a mistake Tristan made in making a potion. When a troll was in the dungeons, Seto went to the third floor for an unknown reason. Seto went to the girl's bathroom with Isis and Arkana after hearing a loud noise and saw Yugi, Joey, and Mai there with the troll, knocked out. Seto then bent over the troll and studied it. After that, he looked at Yugi when Mai said that they were looking for her. On the Friday before Gryffindor's first match, Seto limped to Yugi, Joey, and Mai as they had guilty faces and took Quiditch Through the Ages from Yugi under the supposed rule that library books weren't to be taken out of the castle and took five points from Gryffindor.

Movie 319

Anubis when he was powerful.

Anubis - Anubis was a sorcerer who went as bad as he could go and worse. He went to Arthur Hawkins' for his wand, and it held the feather of a phoenix who had given Mr. Hawkins two. He went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. Twenty years ago, he started gathering followers. The only safe place left was Hogwarts as Aknamkanon was the only one Anubis was ever afraid of. Among those who stood up to Anubis were the newly weds, Atem and Mana Moto. On Halloween, eleven years after he first appeared, Anubis arrived at the Motos' house and killed Atem and Mana, but when he tried to kill Yugi, he failed. When he couldn't kill Yugi, Anubis' power somehow broke, and he disappeared. Where he is, what condition he's in, and what he is now, is completely unknown, but everyone still fears talking about him.

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Kaiba meets Yugi.

Kaiba - A wizard that Yugi met at Madame Malkin's. Kaiba was preparing for his first year as well, with his father getting his books for him, and his mother looking at wands. Kaiba believes that wizarding should be kept in wizarding families, and openly criticizes Rafael while he and Yugi are getting fitted for robes. Yugi doesn't like Kaiba that much. On the train to Hogwarts, Kaiba goes into Yugi and Joey's compartment to see if Yugi Moto really was on the train, and when he sees Yugi, he introduces himself along with his friends/cronies, Rex and Weevil. Kaiba then says that Yugi should be careful about who he befriends, and he offers his hand in friendship, but Yugi, now definitely not liking Kaiba, declines. Kaiba then decides to take some of Yugi and Joey's food, but runs with his friends when Weevil is attacked by Joey's pet rat, Scabbers. He goes onto the boats to Hogwarts, led by Rafael. Kaiba was sorted into Slytherin almost before the Millennium Kay touched his head. He also ended up sitting next to Hassan, the Bloody Baron, which he didn't like all that much. Kaiba's first potions class went well for him as Seto took a liking to him. When flying lessons drew near, Kaiba would tell boastful stories that always involved him narrowly escaping Muggles in helicopters. When Tristan got a Rememberall from his grandmother, Kaiba took it just to spie Tristan, but when Isis arrived, Seto remarked that he was just looking and gave it back to Tristan. Kaiba later stole Tristan's Rememberall again when Tristan was taken to the Hospital Wing, but when Yugi started chasing him on one of the school brooms, he chucked it, but Yugi managed to grab it just in time before Isis showed up and told Yugi to come with her. Kaiba later challenged Yugi to a Wizard's Duel to prove he could take Yugi on without Rex and Weevil. Yugi accepted with Joey as his second, and Kaiba chose Rex as his. It was then revealed that Kaiba was planning on getting Yugi chucked out by tricking him into going to the trophy room at midnight while he tipped of Alister about someone being there. Kaiba is then shocked that Yugi and Joey are still in school. He then attempts to get them in trouble for having a broomstick, but that fails since Yugi was given special permission by Dumbledore, so he could be on the House Team.