A video series made by DogoHalibar. It's made by putting Yu-Gi-Oh! screen shots to the audio-book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

The CastEdit

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Yugi Moto on his eleventh birthday.

Aknamkanon as Albus Dumbledore

Isis as Professor McGonagall

Priest Seto as Snape

Grandpa as Flitwick

Arkana as Quirell

Mina as Hooch

Alister as Filch

Arthur as Olivander

Anubis as Voldemort

Rafael as Hagrid

Ishizu as Mrs. Weasley

Atem as James Potter

Mana as Lilly Potter

Jaden as Bill

Atticus as Charlie

Zane as Percy

Bastion as Oliver

Yami Bakura as Fred

Bakura as George

Marik as Lee

Baby Atem as Baby Harry Potter

Yugi as Harry Potter

Joey as Ron

Mai as Hermione

Tristan as Neville

Duke as Seamus

Young Marik as Dean

Blair as Lavender

Kaiba as Malfoy

Weevil as Goyle

Rex as Crabbe

Miho as Hannah

Tea as Ginny

Crowler as Marge Dursley

Gozaburo as Vernon Dursley

Vivian as Petunia Dursley

Baby Ushio as Baby Dudley

Ushio as Dudley Dursley

Mokuba as Griphook

Bobasa as the Fat Friar

Shadi as Nearly Headless Nick

Hassan as the Bloody Baron

Espa Roba as Peeves


Main Characters

Minor Characters

Supporting Characters