Supporting characters in Yugi Moto.

Yugi MotoEdit

"Morons. The royal guard's filled with morons." - Seto after Yugi and his friends escape the guards, and all of them except Seto fall in a fertilizer pile.

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Seto orders his men after Yugi, Joey, and Tristan.

Shimon - The sultan of Agrabah. Shimon wants his daughter, Tea, to be married on her sixteenth birthday both because it's the law, and he wants to make sure she's okay. When Shimon sees Tea crying, he comforts her, and Tea explains what happens when she recently left the castle. Shimon then confronted Anubis about it and forgave him for all his years of "loyal" service.

Mai - Tea's lady in waiting, and one of the only real friend she has.

Mala - Mai's spirit monster, and the royal pet. She's very playful, sometimes... too much.

Seto - The captain of the king's guard. Seto has little tolerance for thieves, particularly thieves that make him and his men look like fools. He also takes orders from Anubis, such as when he arrested Yugi.

Shada - Shada's a guard that's just under Seto in rank.

Shadi - A merchant who tells an unnumbered group of people the story of one of the boxes in his merchandise.

Ushio - A fruit vendor that is very unforgiving to thieves. He nearly cut off Tea's right hand until Yugi saved her.

Bandit Keith - A thief who Anubis tried to use to enter the Cave of Wonders. The attempt fails and Bandit Keith's killed when the Cave closes its jaws on him.

The Return of AnubisEdit

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Karim when he escorted Yugi to the executioner's.

"You're in my hands now, street rat!" - Seto after Yugi is framed for the murder of Sultan Shimon.

Karim - A guard under Seto.