The main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! X .


"The power of trusting your friends and family makes you invincible!!!" - Tag's declaration to Shadi after his first test.

Johnny Wheeler

Joey's son, Johnny.

Tag - Tag Atem Moto is the son of Yugi and Tea. When the Millennium Items were reactivated, Tag gained the Millennium Puzzle. The stress from dueling Pegasus has caused Tag to pass out, so Atem has to take over for him. Atem won the duel for Tag. Afterwards, Tag was given the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Seth - Seth Kaiba is the son of Kaiba and Ishizu. When the Millennium Items were reactivated, Seth gained the Millennium Rod. He ranked number three at the second Duelist Kingdom Tournament, and therefore, he gained Obelisk the Tormentor.

Darin - Darin Fudo is a new friend of Tag and the others. When the Millennium Items were reactivated, Darin gained the Millennium Ring. He ranked number two at the second Duelist Kingdom Tournament, with that, he gained Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Johnny - Johnny Wheeler is the son of Joey and Mai. He ranked number 4 at the second Duelist Kingdom Tournament.

Tyler Klause/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight- A Kamen Rider/Duelist He's New At The Tournament He Has His Own Cards And Duel Disk Given By Mai Valentine So He Can Be A Hero

Anzu - Anzu Serenity Moto is the daughter of Yugi and Tea and Tag's twin sister. Anzu gained the Millennium Necklace after Tag won the New Duelist Kingdom.

Serena - Serena Taylor is the daughter of Tristan and Serenity.

Kira - Kira is a new friend of Seth and the others, and she's the reincarnation of Kisara.


"This is the end!" - Pegasus' statement during his duel with Tag after Atem takes control.

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How Pegasus appears in YGOX

Mel Tyrone - Mel Tyrone is the first enemy of Tag and the gang. At first, he wanted to duel Yugi, but after Tag beat him in a duel, he changed his goal to killing Tag and his friends.

Pegasus - Maximillion Pegasus retakes his title as a major villain when he steals the souls of the gang's parents with the reactivated Millennium Eye. The gang then got involved in a new Duelist Kingdom Tournament to save their parents. He was stopped when Tag (with a lot of help from Atem) defeated Pegasus in a duel with Magician of Black Chaos and Dark Magician Girl. He seemed pleased and released the souls he captured, gave Tag, Seth, and Darin a new set of God Cards, and he gave Tag a million dollars, which he gave to a friend of his named Jen. He then reveals that the whole thing was a test designed by Shadi.