Supporting Characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Wars: A New Hope.


Kisara and Seto Decide to Run

Seto and Kisara talk about Yugi's fate after supper.

Seto Lars - Yugi's step-uncle. His father married Atem Moto's mother after he and Atem were already born. Seto and his wife, Kisara, ended up as Yugi's guardians after Atem died. Seto then only told Yugi that Atem was a spice freighter, and he refused to tell him anymore. He also kept saying that Yugi could go to the academy next year whenever Yugi asked as he was afraid of Yugi turning into his father. He's also become the new master of B-3PO and R2-M2. Seto was working on an old speeder bike he possesed when Yugi left to take the droids to anchorhead, and he was killed when Imperial Stormtroopers arrived in search of the droids he purchased. He was burned to a crisp with his wife.

Kisara Lars - Yugi's step-aunt. She married Seto shortly before they became the guardians of Seto's step-brother's son, Yugi. She was more willing for Yugi to know about his family, so she told Yugi how Atem's mother and Seto's father got married after they were born, but she didn't say too much more besides that. She was more willing for Yugi to make his own way in life as she recognized that Yugi had too much of his father in him to be content with life as a farmer. She was working on lunch when Yugi left, and she was killed when Imperial Stormtroopers arrived looking for the droids her husband had purchased. She was burned to a crisp with her husband.


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Dartz informs the council that the Imperial Senate has been disolved.

Grand Moff Dartz - A Regional Govoner of the Empire. Dartz is in charge of the Death Star, and he's confident that the fear of the battle station will keep the systems in line. Darth Yami was put under Dartz's supervision by the Emperor as long as Yami was on the Death Star. After Yami failed to use a mind probe on the captured Mai Organa, Dartz threatened to destroy Alderaan. Mai told him that the base was on Dantooine, but Dartz had Alderaan destroyed anyway to make an example of it. Dartz then learned that Mai lied to him, so he planned to have her killed immediately when he was informed that a ship that was said to hold the droids that had the Death Star plans had been captured. He then agreed to have Yami place a homing beacon on the ship and let the people on the ship leave, though he thought it was an awful risk. Dartz was killed when a Rebel pilot named Yugi Moto destroyed the Death Star.