Minor characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Wars: A New Hope.


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General Ishtar briefs the pilots.

General Ishtar - Ishtar breifed the pilots about the attack on the Death Star. He then observed the battle with Princess Mai and her protocol droid, B-3PO where Yugi Moto destroyed the Death Star. The next week, he was present when Mai gave Yugi, and their friends, Joey Wheeler and Tristan, medals for their part in destroying the Death Star.


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Rafael explains the dangers of the Rebels.

Admiral Grimo - An admiral in the Imperial Navy and stationed on the Death Star. He had full confidence that the Death Star was invincible and was the strongest force in the universe. He insulted Yami's "sad devotion" to the Force as he could not find the stolen Death Star data tapes or the Rebel base, which earned him a Force Choke from Yami until Dartz had him released.

General Rafael - A general in the Imperial Navy and stationed on the Death Star. He was worried about the possibility of the Rebels finding a weakness in the Death Star, and also the Rebel's support in the Senate, which turned into wondering how the Emperor will remain in control of the galaxy without the bureaucracy.


Hirutani confronts Joey.

Hirutani - A Bounty Hunter for Bandit Keith the Hutt. He tried to bring Johnny in, but Johnny shot him just as Hirutani shot, but as Joey dodged just in time, Hirutani got it in the chest.