The main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Star Wars: A New Hope.


001 17

Solomon with the box that held Atem Moto's Lightsaber.

Shimon (Solomon) Muran - Shimon was a great Jedi Knight in the days of the Old Republic. Among his many achievments was his defeat of the Sith Lord, Darth Marik, the rescue of the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars with his friend, Atem Moto, and many other feats. During his time as a Jedi, he had an apprentice named Darth Yami. Yami fell to the Dark Side and destroyed the Jedi Knights, save Shimon. Shimon fled to Tatooine and watched over Atem's son Yugi. When Yugi was nearly killed by Tusken Raiders, Shimon (renamed as Solomon) saved Yugi by scarring the Tuskens off, and he, along with Yugi's two droids, R2-M2 and B-3PO, went to his hut on the Dune Sea. Solomon then told Yugi about his father and gave Yugi Atem's Lightsaber, which Solomon took after Yami killed Atem. R2 then gave Solomon from Princess Mai Organa, the step-daughter of his old friend from the Clone Wars, Mahad Organa. The message asked Solomon to take R2 to Alderaan and give the pland for the Death Star that was hidden inside R2 to Mahad. Solomon asked Yugi to come with him, but Yugi refused, but he did offer to drive Solomon to Anchorhead. When they arrived at a sandcrawler full of murdered jawas, Yugi went to check on his aunt and uncle, and when he came back, Solomon took him as his new apprentice. They drove to a cantina in Mos Eisley. After dealing with a couple of hardened aliens that were harrasing Yugi, with his Lightsaber, Solomon talked to a Wookiee named Tristan about a ship, and he met Joey Wheeler, a Corellian smuggler with a ship called the Millennium Falcon. He hired him, giving him 2,000 credits on the spot and promising him 15,000 when the job was done. This got Joey's interest, and he agreed. After barely making it out of Mos Eisley alive on the Falcon, Solomon began training Yugi in how to use a Lightsaber, which only progressed when Solomon put a helmet with the blast shield over Yugi's eyes to teach him to act on instinct. When the Falcon arrived at the ruins of Alderaan, and the Falcon was trapped in a tractor beam, Solomon came up with the idea to hide in smuggling plates. Afterwards, Solomon, Joey, Yugi, and Tristan handled a set of Storm Troopers and while Yugi and Joey stayed in the control room in case of an emergency, Solomon went to shut down the tractor beam. After doing that, he confronted his old apprentice again. The two engaged in a slow paced duel as Solomon wasn't the young man he used to be. Eventually, Solomon saw Yugi, Mai, and Joey make it to the Falcon with the droids, so Solomon conceeded, and when Yami went in for the kill, Solomon became one with the Force. He then told Yugi to run when Yugi was shooting at Storm Troopers. Solomon later told Yugi through the Force to use the Force to destroy the Death Star. When it worked, Solomon assurd Yugi that the Force would always be with them.

003 12

Yugi dreaming of the day he'll get off Tatooine and fight the Empire.

Yugi Moto - A young boy who lives with his aunt and uncle. He's an orphan who was left with his father's step-brother as a baby after his father, Atem Moto, died. As long as he could remember, he's tried to learn about his father, but his uncle Seto would only say that Atem was the pilot of a spice freighter. When jawas arrived with a protocal droid and an astro droid, Yugi's uncle bought them and had Yugi clean them up. He learned that their names were B-3PO and R2-M2. Yugi then found a message to a Shimon Muran, and Yugi wondered allowed if it was an old man who lived nearby called Solomon Muran. Yugi was then called for dinner, and he learned that Shimon knew his father, and that he couldn't send in his application for another year, and Yugi left to clean the droids. Once he arrived however, he found that R2 had run away. The next morning he and 3PO left to look for him under the pretense of taking the droids to Anchorhead. He found R2, but he was then attacked by Tusken Raiders until they were scared off by Solomon. Solomon then revealed to Yugi that he originally did go by the name of Shimon and helped Yugi and the droids to his hut. Solomon then explained that he had been a Jedi Knight along with Yugi's father. Solomon then explained that Seto had lied to him as he didn't agree with Atem's decisions. Solomon then gave Yugi his father's Lightsaber. Yugi then learned that his father was killed by a fallen apprentice of Solomon's called Darth Yami. Solomon then asked Yugi to come with him to Alderaan and learn the ways of the Force. Yugi wanted to, but he knew that he couldn't leave his aunt and uncle high and dry, so Yugi instead offered him transport to Anchorhead. Along the way, the group found the sandcrawler that brought Yugi's autn and uncle R2 and 3PO along with several dead jawas and evidense that Imperial Stormtroopers were following the droids' trail. Yugi then rushed to the homestead to find his aunt and uncle reduced to charcol-black skeletons. Yugi then returned and accepted Solomon's offer and vowed to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like his father. Yugi and Solomon then arrived at the Mos Eisley Cantina where Yugi accidentally got into trouble with a couple of aliens, but he was saved by Solomon and his Lightsaber. He then met a smuggler named Joey who had them pay 15,000 credits to get them off of Tatooine, which outraged Yugi, but Solomon made a compromise of 2,000 now and 15,000 when the job was finished. This got Joey interested. Yugi didn't think much of Joey's ship when he saw it, but Joey assurd him that it had what counted. After barely escaping an Imperial pursuit, Yugi began his training under Solomon and succeeded in blocking several blaster bolts from a training remote with his Lightsaber, even with his eyes covered, learning to trust his instincts. After being pulled to the Death Star and stealing the armor from a pair of Storm Troopers, Yugi and Joey were told by Solomon to wait in the control room, which they did until Marik discovered that Mai was being held prisoner there, so Yugi convinced Joey to help him save her. They then brought Tristan to the detention level, and the three then took down the guard. Yugi then ran to save Mai, and when he came back, Joey and Tristan were busy with the Storm Troopers. Mai then blew open a vent to the garbage masher, and Yugi jumped in shortly after her. When the garbage masher activated, Yugi called to 3PO and R2. R2 then managed to shut it down. After that, Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Tristan made their way to the Falcon when Yugi saw Solomon get killed by Yami. Yugi began attacking when Solomon's voice told him to run. Yugi then helped Joey win a dog-fight with pursuing TIE Fighters. Once they arrived at the Rebel Base at Yavin IV, Yugi joinned the Rebellion and watched as General Ishtar explained to them how to destroy the Death Star. After a quick reunion with his old friend, Duke, they left to destroy the Death Star. Eventually, Yugi was the only one left, especially after R2 was put out of comission by one of Darth Yami's blasts, after guidance from Solomon's spirit, Yugi launched a torpedo that destroyed the Death Star, with some back up from Joey and Tristan. For destroying the Death Star, Mai gave Yugi a medal. Yugi then became determined to learn as much about his father as he could and defeat Darth Yami.

CM01 22

Joey with his pal, Tristan.

Joey Wheeler - A Corellian smuggler. Joey began life as a pick-pocket for a crooked circus, but he managed to run away and joined the Imperial Academy. Joey ended up running away again after he saved a Wookiee named Tristan from Imperial torturers. This earned Joey a life debt from Tristan, which meant that Tristan would stick beside Joey until he died. Joey and Tristan then became smugglers and began working for Bandit Keith the Hutt. After a botched Kessel run, Keith demanded reimburstment from Joey, or he'd be hunted down by all of Keith's resources, includding the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Kaiba. While Joey was on Tatooine and desperate for money, he met an old man called Solomon and his friend Yugi. Joey wanted 15,000 credits, but when Solomon promised an extra 2,000 if he waited until after the job was done, Joey accepted. Before take-off, he ran into Keith and promised him his money back, plus interest if Keith gave him some more time, which he promised. After dealing with an Imperial gun fight, Joey escaped a few Star Destroyers by going into Hyperspace. Joey openly says that he doesn't believe in the Force, and he criticizes Yugi's training as the use of an ancient weapon and a hokey religen. When they arrived at Alderaan, Joey was shocked by the destroyed system. The Falcon then ended up trapped in the Death Star's tractor beam. After hiding out and stealing the armor of two Storm Troopers, Joey was itching to do something besides sit and wait around for Solomon to come back, but when Yugi said they had to save the princess, Mai Organa, Joey refused as he didn't want to go right to the detention level until Yugi said that he might get a reward for doing it. After getting to the detention level and killing the warden, Joey tried to stop the Imps from coming down by claiming a weapons malfunstion, but he eventually had to shoot the speaker and deal with the Storm Troopers while Yugi saved Mai. After that, Mai shot open a vent to the garbage masher, and Joey made sure to go in last, forcing Tristan to go down. Once they went down, the Garbage Masher activated, and Joey was calm enough to make a plan, which worked when R2 shut down the garbage masher and open the door. After that, Joey ended up in an argument with Mai over what to do next that Mai won. After taking off, Joey asked Yugi to help him with a dog fight with prusuing TIE Fighters, which they won. Joey then took the gang to Yavin IV, took reward money, and left, but his conscious got the better of him, and he saved Yugi from being shot by Darth Yami, allowing Yugi to destroy the Death Star. Afterwards, Mai gave Joey a medal for his part in destroying a medal, and Joey mused over the fact that he was once a smuggler and Imperial in training and now he was a Rebel.

014 85

Mai after being captured by Yami.

Mai Organa - The step-daughter of Viceroy Mahad Organa. She's the Senator for Alderaan in the Imperial Senate. She recieved the transmission of the Death Star plans and tries to get them to her father on Alderaan. She was also asked by her father to bring the famous Jedi hero, Shimon Muran to Alderaan with her, but Darth Yami's attack on her ship forced her to place the plans inside her astromech droid, R2-M2 and send him, along with her protocal droid, B-3PO to Tatooine to look for Shimon. She was then captured by Yami's Stormtroopers, and when she refused to tell Yami what she did with the plans, Yami had her taken aboard his Star Destroyer. Yami tried to use a mind probe to force the location of the Rebel Base out of Mai, but her strong will stopped him. In another tactic, Dartz threatened to destroy her home planet of Alderaan if she didn't give them a location, and Mai said that it was Dantooine, as a way to avoid betraying her friends. Mai was then forced to watch as the Death Star destruction of Alderaan anyway, which made her question the Imperial's status as human beings. Mai was then saved from the detention level, just before being executed, by a boy named Yugi who arrived with Shimon Muran and her droids. When she saw that the way out was blocked by firing Storm Troopers, Mai shot open the vent and jumped in, followed by everyone else. They ended up in the garbage masher, which nearly killed her and the others if it wasn't for R2. After that, Mai had them go in a less direct route to the ship they arrived in, which didn't make Joey very happy. After getting into the ship, Mai comforted Yugi about Shimon's death, which occured just as they were boarding as a way to save the gang from Yami. She also co-piloted while the boys went into a dog fight with Imperial pursuers, which they won. Once they arrived at Yavin IV, Mai made sure Joey got his reward and then kissed Yugi on the cheek before he left to fight the Death Star. She then observed the fight in the control room with General Ishtar. After the Death Star was destroyed, she hugged both Joey and Yugi, and gave them and Tristan medals for their part in destroying the Death Star as she pondered what would happen if R2 made it directly to Solomon.

Tristan - A Wookiee who was enslaved by the Empire. When Joey saved him from a torturer, Tristan swore a life-debt to Joey. He then became a smuggler with him, and is trying to help Joey pay off his debt to Bandit Keith the Hutt. He was unwilling to go down the garbage chute with the others, but Joey forced him to. He then took over the piloting when Joey and Yugi engaged in a dog-fight with pursuing TIE Fighters, which they won. After arriving at Yavin IV with the gang, Tristan and Joey got paid, and they left. They then returned and saved Yugi from Yami just before Yugi destroyed the Death Star. Following that, Tristan was given a medal bye Mai for his part in destroying the Death Star.

012 65

Bakura on the Falcon.

B-3PO - A protocal droid that was asigned to Princess Mai. He is very polite, but he also believes that his thoughts are always supperior to his counterpart, R2-M2 as he's programmed to understand human behavior. He went with R2 to Tatooine. He believed that settlements were in the opposite direction R2 wanted to go, so the two split up, but they were reunited when both 3PO and R2 ended up captured by space scavagers called Jawas. B-3PO ended up being sold to a moisture farmer named Seto Lars and his family. He seemed quite content to relax. He helped Yugi find R2, and he lost an arm when the Tusken Raiders attacked, but Yugi welded it back on. 3PO left Tatooine with the others. 3PO mainly stayed in the control room and told R2 to shut down the garbage mashers when Yugi contacted them. He then remet with the gang and left. 3PO later observed the Death Star battle with Mai and General Ishtar and was greatly frightened for R2 when he was blasted by Darth Yami. After making sure his friend would recover, he had himself pollished up for the celebration ceremony.

069 43

R2 while he's on Tatooine.

R2-M2 - An astromech droid that was asigned to Princess Mai. He's very upfront, and he's willing to follow anyone he respects. When Darth Yami attacked her ship, Mai placed the Death Star plans inside R2 and sent him, with R2's counterpart B-3PO, to Tatooine to look for the legendary Jedi, Shimon Muran. He eventually split up with 3PO when he wouldn't listen to him, and R2 ended up captured by scavangers called Jawas. He was then reunited with 3PO. He was sold to a moisture farmer named Seto Lars and his family, but R2 was obsessed with completing his mission and find Shimon Muran to give him the message Mai recorded. R2 left upon hearing that he was to recieve a memory wipe, and he was found by Yugi and 3PO and saved from Tusken Raiders by Shimon, now calling himself Solomon. R2 then gave Solomon the message Mai gave him. R2 left Tatooine with the others. When they were captured by the Death Star and snuck into the Control Room, R2 used his tool to display the location of the tractor beam, and where Mai was. He then turned off the garbage masher when the gang was caught inside it. He then rendevouzed with the others and escaped with them. R2 was later taken to Yavin IV where the Alliance discovered a weakness in the Death Star, and R2 went with Yugi to attack the Death Star. Eventually, R2 was shot by Yami and shut down. After the destruction of the Death Star, he was repaired in time for the celebration ceremony, and he was determined to kick Yami's butt for that attack.


017 23

Bandit Keith as he talks to Joey.

Bandit Keith the Hutt - Bandit Keith runs the organized crime on Tatooine. He is personally lazy, so he employs several smugglers and bounty hunters to do his dirty work for him. Among his bounty hunters is Boba Kaiba, who has been a freelance agent for him since the Clone Wars, and his list of smugglers includes another freelance agent called Joey Wheeler. When Joey botched a spice run for Keith, he demanded to be reimbursed and arrived at Joey's ship, the Millennium Falcon, with Kaiba and demanded payment, but Joey promised to give Keith the money, plus an extra 15%, but Keith says that he better have it soon, or he'll put a huge bounty on Joey's head.

024 78

The man under Boba Kaiba's helmet.

Boba Kaiba - A legendary bounty hunter who was active since the days of the Clone Wars. He works as a freelance agent for Bandit Keith the Hutt, and he eagerly awaits the chance to bring in Joey Wheeler, who irks him, but not as bad as Jedi.

Spell Binding Circle

Darth Yami arrives on Mai's ship

Darth Yami - The Dark Lord of the Sith. Yami was once the apprentice of the legendary Jedi, Shimon Muran, and a friend of Atem Moto. Yami won some of the most important battles in the Clone Wars, and he dueled Shimon Muran to a standstill. Yami was coerced to the Dark Side, and he then betrayed and murdered Atem and then began hunting down and destroying the remaining Jedi, with Shimon surviving by hiding on Tatooine. He is second only to the Emperor in power and authority. Yami has been tasked with getting the Death Star plans back from Mai. When he arrives at her ship, he realizes that Mai has hidden the plans and has her taken to his Star Destroyer. After sending a detachment to Tatooine to look for the plans, Yami went to the Death Star for a council about what they should do with the station's compromise. Yami doesn't care either way as the Death Star's planet-destroying laser is nothing compared to the Force. When one of the admirals, Grimo, argued against him, Yami proved his point by choking Grimo with the Force. Grimo was sparred death when Dartz ordered him to stop, which only worked since the Emperor had Yami follow Dartz while on the Death Star. Yami tried to use a mind probe on Mai, but her resistence is too great. Yami was then a witness to the destruction of Alderaan in an attempt to coerce a location out of Mai. When the Millennium Falcon was brought in, Yami decided to see if the droids his men on Tatooine were looking for were there. His men didn't find anything, but Yami sensed the pressence of his old mentor. After informing Dartz, Yami confronted Shimon one more time. The duel was rather slow paced and precise. Eventually, when Yugi, Mai, and Joey were trying to leave with the rest of their friends, Shimon surrendered, and Yami was about to cut him in two when his body disappeared. This confused Yami greatly. When the Falcon escaped several TIE Fighters, Yami wasn't worried as he had some of his men place a homing beacon in it. The beacon led them to Yavin IV. Yami then led two other TIE fighters in destroying the Rebel Fighters until only one was left. Yami had trouble locking in on him thanks to his affinity to the Force. Eventually, he locked on, but he was blasted away by the crew of the Millennium Falcon, and Yugi destroyed the Death Star. After that, Yami pondered over who the pilot could be as the only pilot good enough to make that shot would have been himself... And Atem Moto.