Sacred Guardians

The Egyptains

Characters from AnimeAngelGirl15's Yu-Gi-Oh! Pocahontas.

The ProtagonistsEdit

Ishizu - daughter of the Pharaoh. She's indepenedent and is unsure about her future, especially after Kaiba arrived. She falls in love with him after showing him to appreciate nature and not destory it. Feels guilty that Mahad is dead and that Atem will kill Kaiba and this was all her fault. Manages to stop Atem from killing Kaiba and even stops the Egyptains and Japanese from fighting each other. She decides to stay with her people instead of going with Kaiba to Japan, says one final farewell to Kaiba.

Kaiba - an adventure man. Only went on this trip to explore since he had absolutely no interest for gold. Meets Ishizu by accident and tries to convince her that what him and his men are doing for Egypt is for their own good. But instead, he's the one that gets convinced that he's the savage around there and even tries to get his men out of there before getting blamed for Mahad's death. Goes back to Japan after the war between the two sides wasn't interrupted.

Atem - Pharaoh of Egypt. Loves his daugher and only wants what's best for her, but doesn't want her to affiliate with the newly arrived Japanese. In the end, he lets Ishizu say good-bye to Kaiba and approves of her love for him.

Isis - wise. Helps Ishizu whenever she needs advice and is all on her side.

Mokuba - cares for Kaiba deeply. Although he's not even half as experianced as Kaiba, he hopes to become brave during this trip. Instead of saving Kaiba by killing Mahad, he ended up sealing Kaiba's fate. He recruites the men to save Kaiba but ends up gathering up his own courage and stands up to Dartz, even ordering his arrest.

Mana - nervous. Doesn't think Ishizu should go running around and meeting up with Kaiba because he isn't Egyptain. However, she accepts what Ishizu is doing and even helps her to see Kaiba before his execution.


Dartz - goes to Egypt to get all the gold he can. Doesn't care about his men nor the native people of the land, but thinks they are a nuisance and that they are deliberatly hiding the gold. Finds an excuse to kill them all when the men want to go off and save Kaiba. However, his men turn against him and become friendly with the Egyptains once realizing there was never any gold.

Mahad - wants to marry Ishizu. A very strong warrior but is killed because he got jealous that Ishizu chose Kaiba over him.