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Characters from AnimeAngelGirl15's Yu-Gi-Oh! Little Mermaid.


Tea -

Joey -

Prince Yugi -

King Atem - Atem is King of the Sea and very protective of his rather rebellious, youngest daughter, Tea. He scolds her often for not obeying him and for trying to see the human world after he has repeatedly warned her that humans are dangerous. However, he is only strict because he loves her and doesn't want her hurt. When his other daughters tell him that Tea is in love, Atem's delighted until Joey accidentally tells him that it's a human prince. Atem immediately freaks out and destroy's Tea's collection of human stuff. Once he sees her crying, he regrets making her sad but knows this is for the best. Later on, while Tea is missing, he sends search parties everywhere to find her but gets no such luck. Joey finally gets Atem to help Tea once Mai was about to steal her soul and Atem gave his to save his little girl. Soon, Mai is defeated and Atem allows Tea to marry Yugi because he realizes if he really loves her then he has to let her go.

Grandpa -

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Mokuba -

Kisara, Isis, Ishizu, Mana, Vivian, & Serenity -


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