Marik dreaming about the outside

AnimeAngelGirl15's video series to audio from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The CastEdit

Marik as Quasimodo

Tea as Esmeralda

Kaiba as Judge Claude Frollo

Yugi as Captain Phoebus

Joey as Hugo

Odion as Victor

Ishizu as Laverne

Dartz as the Archdeacon

Bakura as Clopin

Parts 1-8Edit

PART ONE: The Bells of Notre Dame

PART TWO: Out There

PART THREE: Topsy Turvy

PART FOUR: God Help The Outcasts

PART FIVE: Heaven's Light/Hellfire

PART SIX: A Guy Like You

PART SEVEN: The Court of Miracles

PART EIGHT: The Bells of Notre Dame (reprise)