The Peachshipping version of Yu-Gi-Oh! High School Musical.

The CastEdit

thumb|300px|right|The gang's all in this together.

Yugi as Troy

Tea as Gabriella

Yami Bakura as Ryan

Mai as Sharpey

Kaiba as Chad

Ishizu as Taylor

Joey as Zeke

Serenity as Kelsi

Tristan as Jason

Mana as Martha

Parts 1-9Edit

Part 1 - Start of Something New

Part 2 - Get'cha Head in the Game

Part 3 - What I've Been Looking For

Part 4 - What I've Been Looking For Reprise

Part 5 - Stick to the Status Quo

Part 6 - When There Was Me and You

Part 7 - Bop to the Top

Part 8 - Breaking Free

Part 9 - We're All in This Together.