Characters from the Vaseshipping version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast.


thumb|300px|right|Atem regrets losing his temper with Mana.

Prince Atem - After his parents death, Atem was spoiled by the castle's servants. One night, Atem refused to let in a beggar, but she turned out to be a powerful enchantress named Ishizu. She cursed Atem, and turned him into a dark reflection of himself, called Yami. Embarrassed of his monstrous form, Yami has concealed himself in his castle. When Mana arrives, Atem realizes that she could be his best hope of breaking Ishizu's spell, but what beautiful, self-respecting girl would ever love a beast like him?

Mana - Raised by Shimon, Mana is a lover of books, and she sticks out in her town like a sore thumb. When Shimon was captured and imprisoned by Yami, Mana asked to take her father's place. Yami agrees.

Joey - He's a very well known ladies man. His girlfriend Mai is often furious with his flirtatious style. He's also very kind and caring.

Kaiba - Kaiba was left in charge of the household when Atem's father died, and he takes his job very seriously.

Isis -

Yugi - While wandering into the castle grounds during Christmas, Isis adopted Yugi as Atem only found out a few moments before the curse was activated. When he was cursed. He's very innocent to the point of naivety and very willing to make friends.

Mai - Yami's maid. Mai was turned into Harpie Lady. She's Joey's girlfriend and is very flirtatious, much to Joey's annoyance.

Kisara -

Shimon -

Ishizu - Isis' twin sister. When she came to visit Atem, she cursed him upon seeing his selfish nature, she transformed him into a dark reflection of himself until he could learn to love someone else and earn their love in return.

Aknamkanon -


thumb|300px|right|Bakura, Marik, and Pegasus plot together.

Bakura -

Marik -

Vivian -

Pegasus - The rich, eccentric director of the local insane asylum, the Maison des Lunes. He is extremely corrupt, and he'll stop at nothing to make a few extra bucks, including throwing Solomon into the asylum.