"I don't know when, I don't know how,

but I know something's starting right now!

Watch and you'll see, someday I'll be,

Part of your world!" - Mana singing after she meets Prince Atem.

A fan fiction by Dennis Fielder that takes characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! and casts them in the Disney Film, The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

The Cast:Edit

The Little Dark Magician Girl: Mana's Adventures Under the SeaEdit

Anru as Queen Athena

082 63

The Little Dark Magician Girl

The Little Dark Magician GirlEdit

Mana/Dark Magician Girl as Ariel

Atem as Eric

Camula as Ursula

Alice Ross as Vanessa

Mahad/Dark Magician & Tristan as Sebastian

Yugi as Flounder

Joey as Scuttle

Torunka/Dark Sage as King Triton

Aknadin, Shimon, & Seto as Grimsby

Isis & Kisara as Carlotta

Thief King Bakura and Marik as Flotsam and Jetsam

Jayden Yuki as Sharkboy

Mai & the Harpie Lady Sisters as the Daughters of Triton

Gaia the Fierce Knight as the crier

Movie 102

The New Little Dark Magician Girl

The Little Dark Magician Girl II: Return to the Ka WorldEdit

Dragon Lady as Morgana

Thief King Bakura/Diabound as Undertow

Tag & Anzu as Flounder's children

Manar as Dash

Duke as Tip

Seth as Bullies

Rex & Weevil as Cloak & Dagger


Following the lead from eframtheretardedrabit, Denis Fielder mixed the movie and musical elements together for more story elements.

A key difference is that instead of sea life, Duel Monsters are used.

This resulted in "Under the Sea" being called "In the Ka World" and the complete deletion of "Les Poissons" (pronounced LAY PWAH-SOHN)

Also, instead of being Torunka's sister like in the musical, Vivian is instead a school friend of Torunka's who was apprenticed to Torunka's father.

Also, Sebastian and Flounder are split into two characters each, with Mahad being turned into a human as well.

Also, a sub-love story is added where Mahad falls in love with Isis.

Grimsby's role is divided into several characters, with Seto and Shimon as the most prominent.

Also, while Tip and Dash are close friends when we first see them, we're introduced to Manar first as the son of Mahad and Isis, and he goes with Melody to help her out where they meet Duke.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters The Little Dark Magician Girl:

The Little Dark Magician Girl II: