Bakura wants Mana, the jerk.

Mana and Bakura's relationship in fan-fics. Named so because both Bakura and Mana cause trouble for the Pharaoh, though at different scales.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast 2.0 (One-Sided) - When Mana walks around the town one day, Bakura determines to make Mana his wife. She flatly denies him, and he broods about it until Shimon runs in claiming that a beast is holding Mana prisoner. Seeing his chance, Bakura bribes Pegasus into sending Shimon to his asylum unless Mana agrees to marry him. Mana uses the mirror Yami gave her to disprove the idea of her father being crazy, and Bakura goes to kill the beast and make Mana his. He is defeated by Yami and dies when he slips and falls into the moat... from the highest room in the west wing.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast (Vase) (One-Sided) -

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