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And people wonder why they call it Manipulashipping.

Marik and Tea's relationship in fan-fics. Named so because Marik continuously takes control of Tea's mind with the Millennium Rod.


High School Adventures (Hinted at Only) - When Marik first meets Tea, he is taken about by her beauty, and he tells her so, much to Yugi's annoyance. Marik appeared to be okay with Tea ending up with Yugi as he was among those who congratulated them on becoming a couple after Yugi saved Tea from a bomber.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Hunchback of Notre Dame (One-Sided) - Marik first meets Tea during the Feast of Fools where he accidentally bumps into her and she's not repulsed by him. Then, when everyone is brutilizing him she's the one that helps him. After that, they befriend each other and he's amazed that she actually cared him. Marik then wonders if she could truely love him like all the couples he had spent his life watching. Although, Marik soon discovers that Tea may love him but she wasn't in love with him.

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