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21 (physically) 5021 (spiritually)


3021 B.C.




His friends, family, and the Pharaoh and Yugi's families

Millennium Item

Millennium Ring

Spirit Ka

Illusion Magician, Dark Magician

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2990 B.C.

The former Master of Magicians and the inventor of the Dark Magician as he appears in fan-fics.


Mahad is always portrayed as very protective of his little (step) sister, Mana. He's also often portrayed as an ally of the Pharaoh's at some point and usually ends up inside the Dark Magician outfit one way or another (via death more often than not).


At the Beginning of LifeEdit

Yu-Gi-Oh! XEdit

The Thief ReturnsEdit

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Mahad with many others as Thief King Bakura's imprisoned.

During a duel between Tag and a Yami Bakura controlled Darin, Bakura managed to call out a classic Dark Magician, but it turned out to be Mahad, and he chose Tag's side in the duel, and together with Tag's Black Luster Soldier, he defeated Bakura.

During a duel between Darin and Thief King Bakura to determine if Darin will live or die, Darin called out Mahad to fight Bakura. Mahad then trapped Diabound in the Spell-Binding Circle. He also advised Mana (The Dark Magician Girl) not to focus on Diabound's size. Mahad was then killed when Diabound used the Blue-Eyes White Dragon's White Lightning attack. Darin then revived Mahad by using Magician of Faith. Mahad then agreed with Darin to do a suicide move that destroyed Bakura's own Dark Magician. After Bakura was defeated, Mahad trapped Bakura in a special soul prison. Mahad then swore that he and Mana would aid Darin and his friends in the coming dangers.

Night on the TownEdit

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The Dark Paladin strikes.

A few days later, Mahad was still stiff and reserved while he reprimanded Mana for jumping on Darin's bed. He was later unwittingly put in control of Darin's body when he decided that Mahad and Mana were in need of a vacation. Mahad was furious at first due to the fact that Darin was only supposed to call him out at times of the greatest need. Mahad then told Tag and his sister Anzu about how he saved Atem from a tree snake, and how Atem saved him in return. Later they ate at a burger place, and Mahad began to slightly enjoy himself. He then went to the arcade with the others and dueled against a computer with Tag. They won when they summoned Dark Paladin and attacked it directly. Afterwords, Mahad knelt down as Yami appeared to congratulate Tag on helping Darin help Mana and Mahad. Mahad then returned control of Darin's body to Darin at the end of the day.

Baby-Sitting a KaibaEdit

While baby-sitting his friend Seth's sister Isis, Darin asked for Mahad and Mana's advice. Mahad simply told Darin to relax and be kind to her. He then granted Isis' request to be able to see them.



After Darin escaped Death-T3 and received a large hug from Mana, Mahad remarked that the two had only been gone for an hour.

Journey to the PastEdit

Mahad calmed Mana down when she cried happily for Kira reuniting with her parents.

New Member of the FamilyEdit

After Mana stuck her head inside Tea's womb to see the newly conceived baby, Mahad assurd Darin and Anzu that it wouldn't harm the baby. He did however have Mana take her head out of Tea's womb as it was embarrasing.

Lucky MeEdit

When Darin confronted an escaped convict who was holding Anzu hostage, Mahad comforted Mana by saying that Darin would punish him. He then agreed that the man shouldn't have hit Anzu.

Duel Monsters Spirit DayEdit

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Mahad arrives at the Game Shop.

On the eve of Duel Monsters Spirit Day, Mahad chastised Mana for shocking Darin awake. He then whined when Mana pointed out that Mahad was still too shy to ask Isis out. The next day, Mahad, as the Dark Magician, and Mana, as the Dark Magician Girl, meet up with Darin, Tag, and Anzu. Mahad then explained that he was only there to make sure Mana didn't get into trouble. At the Game Shop, when Tea shouted at Mana, Mahad comforted Mana and assurd her that it was just hormones. Mahad then agreed to try tag team dueling with Mana against Tag and Anzu. Mahad used his Dark Magician strategies to easily defend against Tag and Darin until Tag summoned Exodia. Mahad then assurd them that the duel was very well done. When Anru arrived as the Magician's Valkyria, Mahad apologized for not meeting up with her as they had lost track of time hanging out with their friends. Mahad then disproved the idea that Mahad and Mana didn't have time for Anru. He and Mana then promised to visit Anru more often. Mahad then kissed Anru on the cheek and said good-bye.

New Duelist KingdomEdit

Preparing for Duelist KingdomEdit
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Mana and Mahad on the boat.

Mahad later explained to Darin that his mother's name was Anru as part of Darin's plan to protect Tea's baby, Mana. When Darin and Mana both found the idea of Darin being the reincarnation of Mahad disgusting, Mahad said that they could do with some growing up. He then explained to Anru that he was doing as well as a spirit in the human world could. Mahad then agreed that Darin's deck would do for the new Duelist Kingdom. On the boat when Darin met Jen Atlas, Mahad ended up starring at her breasts too until Mana threatened to tell Anru on him. Mahad then tried to say he was listening, but when that didn't work, Mahad asked Mana not to tell Anru or Isis.

High School AdventuresEdit

Mana's older brother. He moves to Domino after his and Mana's mom was killed in a car accident and he now takes care of his little sister. He's very overprotective and not real comfortable with the idea of Atem dating his sister, but he accepts it along with the fact that she's no longer a little girl and that he needs to let her grow sometime. When Ishizu came to work at the Domino Museum, Mana teases Mahad about being in love with Ishizu, to which he flatly denies it, even though he's not convincing anybody. He also dated one of Mana's teachers, Ms. Chono, once, but he broke up with her when he found out she was crazy. After getting rid of her, with help from Mana and the Japanese government, Ishizu came to console Mahad, and they ended up kissing. His and Mana's father left them when he was only eleven and a half and it was when he tried to stop him from leaving that he learned how Daiki really felt about him. When Mahad's father left the second time, he had to use most of his time helping make Mana, who took it the worst, feel better.

The Little Dark Magician GirlEdit

The Little Dark Magician Girl: Mana's Adventures Under the SeaEdit

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Mahad enters Mana's room.

When Dark Magician Mahad saw Tristan lying on the ground by the door outside Mana's room, Mahad asked what happened to him. After hearing that Mana had apparently slammed her door in Tristan's face, Mahad was sure it wasn't on purpose and knocked on the door to talk to Mana. When Mana let them in, Mahad believed someone else was there and noticed the sheets move when Tristan said the word, "Spot". Mahad then said the word again and felt the sheet move before pulling off the covers to reveal a baby Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Mahad asked what Mana was doing with a White Dragon in her room before the dragon licked Mahad all over. Upon Tea mentioning the idea of Mahad and Tristan being like uncles, Mahad argued that a Blue-Eyes White Dragon was not a pet and not meant to be a pet. When Mahad ordered Mana to take the dragon home, Mana pointed out he'd die. Mahad accepted the point and eventually agreed to let Spot stay and not tell his and Mana's father, King Torunka.

The Little Dark Magician GirlEdit

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Brother and Sister united.

Mahad is a Dark Magician and the oldest son of the king of the Ka, Torunka. He's very mature for his age and has been very protective of his little sister Mana since their mother died. During the celebration for the 5,000th anniversary of the Ka World's separation from the human world, Mahad was in charge of returning RSVPs and going over what Tristan was planning to do. Mahad also used his spare time to watch Mana rehearse as he loved hearing her sing. He then talked to his father and told him that everything was ready. When Mana didn't show up, Mahad rubbed his temples in annoyance.

Mahad was present when Torunka lectured Mana about not showing up. Mahad mainly tried to keep the lecture, turning quickly into an argument, between Mana and Torunka. After Mana ran off, Mahad suggested that Mana was strong-willed like his mother, but his point was ruined by Tristan's complete support of the king. Mahad was then assigned to help Tristan watch Mana, which he didn't like considering the long list of things Mana had done that got him in trouble. Like when she kept a baby Blue-Eyes White Dragon in her room, tried to ride a wild Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and left for Cyber City. Eventually, Mahad and Tristan found Mana, Yugi, and Tea in a cave full of human things, and he listened to how Mana wanted more out of life and felt sorry for her. When Mana saw Mahad and Tristan, she begged Mahad not to tell their father, which didn't work until she gave him the puppy-dog look and said it with a three-year-old voice. Mahad then had to follow her when she saw a large ship appear in the sky, which was actually the sea.

He arrived in the Human World and saw her go after the ship. He then demanded that she come back as he didn't want to lose his sister. Mahad then saved another of Mana's friends, Joey, when he was about to be smashed into a rock during a bad storm. He then searched frantically for his sister while protecting the others with a magical forcefield.

Mahad met with Mana on the shore as she dragged a human she saved from drowning onto the shore as well. He soon noticed that Mana was falling in love with the human, and he knew that they were all in trouble. Mahad then convinced her to leave when the human, Atem's, friends arrived to help him to his home, which they were conveniently close to. Mahad then struggled to find a way to tell her she couldn't go after Atem without breaking her heart... Again.

Two weeks afterwards, Mahad tried to get Mana to forget what happened, but she could only focus on Atem.

Mahad and Tristan then both tried to talk Mana out of her crush, but Mana only declared that she loved Atem. As Tristan tried to use a musical number to get her to listen, Mahad lost track of Mana, and afterwards, she disappeared. Mahad and Tristan were then called to Mahad's father's presence.

As they arrived, Mahad tried to tell Tristan to stay calm, and he himself did a good job of it, but Tristan easily cracked like an egg and told Torunka about Atem, which got him really angry. Mahad witnessed Torunka destroying Mana's collection and tried to console her, but Mana told him to go away. Mahad figured that she needed to be alone, so he had everyone leave to give her time to calm down.

While doing this, Mahad blamed himself for not taking control of the conversation beofre Tristan cracked. He then saw Mana going somewhere with two Humanoid Slimes and learned that she was going to Vivian, the Dragon Lady. Mahad told her not to, but Mana just retorted that he should just go and tell their father. This stung Mahad, so he took Yugi, Tea, and Tristan and followed Mana. Mahad then heard Vivian explain that she'll make Mana a human for three days, and if she kissed Atem by the time the sun sets on the third day, she'll be a human forever, but if she doesn't, she'll belong to Vivian. When Mana agreed to this in exchange for her voice, Mahad tried to help Mana, but he ended up zapped by the spell too, and they both floated upwards as Yugi, Tea, and Tristan helped them to the shore.

Mahad woke up on the shore and realized that Mana had become a human. Mahad then saw that he had been turned into a human as well. He was going to go tell Torunka when Mana verbally begged him not to, and Mahad conceeded as he realized that if Mana couldn't be with Atem, she'd be miserable for the rest of her life. He then agreed to help her. Joey then brought Atem to the two as survivors of a shipwreck, and Mahad went with Mana and Atem to his palace.

Mahad was later given a beige robe to wear by Atem, and he found that he liked Atem, his vizier Shimon, and, too a lesser extent, his cousin Seto. Mahad then found himself looking at another of Atem's friends, Isis. When Mana began brushing her hair with a fork, Mahad defended her action by saying that they used another material for forks where they came from. He then admitted that Mana had a childish attitude as he saw that it was meant as a good thing by Seto and Shimon. When Tristan arrived, Mahad mentally told Tristan to go hide in Mana's room.

Later during dinner, Mana tapped on Mahad's shoulder in the way she did when she was being potty-trained, so Mahad asked Atem where the bathroom was for Mana, and Atem told her as she left.

After dinner, Mahad walked into his room, which was connected to Mana's, and he asked Tristan what he was doing in Mana's room. Mahad then told Mana that while she would be taking a tour of the city with Atem, Mahad would be showed around the palace by Seto, Shimon, and Isis. He then said that he'd shrink Tristan down to keep an eye on Mana to make sure she'd be okay. Mahad then went to bed shortly after Mana did.

The next day, Mahad shrunk Tristan and slipped him into Mana's belt. During the tour, Seto and Shimon conveniently remembered that they had arangements for a contest on the prince's birthday, and this left Mahad alone with Isis, and Mahad had butterflies in the stomach as he talked to her.

After Atem and Mana returned, and Atem asked Mana to leave before a contest to determine a bride for him, Mahad went to talk to him. Mahad then said that he believed that Atem's contest was a mistake and advised that Atem could either spend a lifetime chasing a dream or let a dream catch him. After that, Mahad tried to comfort Mana and wondered what would happen now.

Mahad and Mana were woken up the next morning by Joey, and Mahad levitated himself and Mana to the ground. Mahad then learned that Yugi and Tea planned for Mana to enter the contest. He was skeptical but helped Mana grab a more formal version of what Mana wore during her day with Atem.

Just before the contest winner would be decided, Mahad rushed in and said that there was one more participant. He then followed Mana as she ran off after insults from several girls.

Soon afterwards, Mahad heard from Joey that Atem was getting married, and Mahad was confused as Joey made it sound that Mana was to be the bride. Mahad later learned from Mana that it was another woman, and it confused Mahad even more. As the wedding ship left the docks, Mahad comforted Mana as he tried to make sense of what was going on. Mahad then learned from Joey that the girl was actually Vivian, and she had Atem under a spell. He then took Mana, Yugi, and Tea to a boat and rowed towards the boat in an effort to stop her while he had Joey try to stall the wedding and told Tristan to inform Torunka.

Eventually, they made it to the boat to see Joey, the Harpie Lady Sisters, and Atem's friends causing a ruckus, and Mahad used the distraction to sever the cord holding the Millennium Stone to Vivian's neck, and when it broke, Mana regained her voice, and the spell on Atem was broken. Unfortunately, they ran out of time and Mana turned back into a Dark Magician Girl as Mahad turned back into a Dark Magician. He then charged after Vivian when she dragged Mana back to the Ka World. He then witnessed Torunka take Mana's place, and Vivian gaining the Grand Magic Scepter.

After this, Mana and Mahad stood together to fight Vivian. When Atem arrived with his friends, along with Yugi, Tea, and Joey, they got Vivian angry enough to turn herself into a new Mythic Dragon. They were then joined by Mana's former pet Blue-Eyes, Spot. Mahad then assisted in the attack, led by Isis and the Millennium Necklace before she was attacked by Vivian, and Mahad flew after her.

After Vivian's defeat, Torunka approached Mahad as he held a dead Isis, and he willingly gave up his life as a Ka to give Isis back her life, and he was turned into a human while Isis was revived. He then went into the palace with a now permenantly human Mana and Atem.

By the time of the wedding between Atem and Mana, Mahad gained the Millennium Ring and was in a relationship with Isis.

The Little Dark Magician Girl II: Return to the Ka WorldEdit

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Mahad scares off Rex and Weevil.

In the two years since Mana and Atem's marriage, Mahad and Isis had gotten married, and they gained a niece when Mana and Atem's daughter, Melody, was born. Mahad was on the ship to a part of the ocean where the Ka Monsters could fly up and see Melody. Mahad then knew that they were almost there when Mako the Legendary Fisherman winked at him. Mahad was then alarmed along with everyone else when Vivian's sister Morgana arrived and attacked. Luckily, she was stopped by Atem, Mana, and Torunka. When Mana decided that it would be too dangerous for Melody to know about the Ka World, Mahad joined Atem in comforting her.

A year later, Isis had a son with Mahad that they named Manar. On the day of Melody's twelfth birthday, Mahad joined Atem in checking on Melody and joked about how Mana always said she'd be down in two minutes from before she and Atem got married to when she was pregnant with Melody.

While searching for Melody with Mana and Atem, Mahad learned from Tristan that she and Manar had run away.

Mahad listened to Torunka's news about not finding Melody along with Atem and Mana. He then volunteered to be turned back into a Dark Magician when Mana decided to be turned into a Dark Magician Girl. They then searched for Melody, and Mahad spent most of his time trying to comfort Mana, who felt it was her fault that Melody ran away.

When Mahad and Mana arrived at Atlantica to try and figure out a plan, they were joined in their search by Yugi, Tea, and their two-year-old twins, Tag and Anzu. After some more failed searching, they arrived at the throne room to discover that the scepter was gone, and Mahad was the first to point out that only Torunka or one of his descendants can lift the Scepter from the stand. Mahad then followed Mana, who followed two Humanoid Slimes, that they knew worked for Morgana.

When they arrived at Morgana's lair, and Joey and Mai arrived, Mahad held them down to make sure they didn't blow their cover. After having Joey and Mai go tell Torunka and Atem where Morgana's lair was, Mahad, Mana, Yugi, and Tea went in just before Melody was about to give Morgana the Scepter, and everyone stared in shock at each other as Melody and Manar had been turned into a Dark Magician Girl and a Dark Magician as well, respectively. When Melody gave Morgana the Scepter, she captured Mana and Mahad.

Morgana then held them captive as Atem, Torunka, and as many allies as they could bring arrived. Mahad and Mana were then freed thanks to Joey, and they dived in to save a recently dragged underwater Atem. As Mana pulled Atem away, Mahad got in front and scared them off with a short, "Boo." After Melody was freed by her friends, Morgana incapacitated Mahad, along with everyone else, by forcing him to bow in front of her. This was reversed once Morgana lost the Scepter.

The day after the attack, Mahad was turned back into a human and joined in the celebration of the reunion of his family. Mahad quickily followed Atem and Mana's lead with Isis and jumped into the sea.

Yugi MotoEdit

023 27

Mahad meets Joey, Yugi, and Tristan.

A Dark Magician who has been alone in the Cave of Wonders for centuries. When he first meets Yugi and his friends, he scares the daylights out of Tristan by only slightly following him. After he reveals himself, he shows them where the box is. He then tries to stop Joey from touching an extremely large ruby but fails and saves everyone with his magic traveling circle when the cave begins to collapse. He manages to save Yugi, Tristan, and Joey when the old man who brought them there threw them back into the cave.

Mahad later explained to Yugi that they might be able to get out if Yugi solves the Millennium Puzzle. He was good friends with Yami, and he and Yami helped Yugi, Joey, and Tristan escape the cave.

Mahad later took them to a small oasis where Yugi made his first wish to become a prince. Mahad then got Yami a monkey that was turned into an elephant.

Mahad accompanined Yugi to the palace when Yugi pretended to be Prince Atli Ababwa. Mahad's appearance and abilities were admired by Sultan Shimon, and Mahad willingly gave Shimon a ride on his traveling circle. Shimon had him go so many times in circles and so fast that Mahad was extremely dizzy, and Joey had to ask Mahad how many swords he saw, which he thought was three.

That night, Mahad was playing chess with Yami and lost when Yami boxed in his king with his knight. Mahad then helped Yugi onto Tea's balconey to try and talk to her. He later informed Yami that Yugi wasn't doing too well. Mahad was then introduced to Tea after she and Yugi began to break the ice, and Mahad kissed her hand. Mahad then took the couple on a first date around the entire world. When Tea realized that Yugi was the boy she met before he entered the Cave of Wonders, Mahad encouraged Yugi to come clean, but he just said that he dressed as a commoner to escape the pressures of palace life.

After helping Yugi return Tea home, Mahad was captured, along with Yugi and his friends, by members of the guard that were being controlled by Anubis. Mahad was freed after Yugi exposed Anubis, and he, Joey, and Tristan witnessed Yugi's fight with Yami. They then left when Yugi shouted at them.

When Anubis gained control of Yami and his powers, Mahad and the others went to Yugi's aid, but Mahad was pushed aside by a now super-charged Anubis. When Anubis used his power to toss them into a pillar, Mahad flew in after them, but he couldn't get them out in time as Anubis had the pillar fly off.

After the pillar landed in the frozen north, Mahad ended up with his leg pinned under the pillar. After Yugi, Joey, and Tristan managed to get the pillar roll off of him, Mahad took the three back to Agrabah. Once the fight with Anubis started, Mahad managed to grab the Puzzle, but Anubis shot him with the staff, and he turned to sand and crumbled. He was restored once Yugi tricked Anubis into turning himself into a yami and ended up bound to the Pyramid of Light.

Mahad witnessed Yami being freed by Yugi and high-fived him. He was then involved in a group hug along with everyone else. After that, he flew Yugi and Tea around the town to show the newly engaged couple.

The Return of AnubisEdit

061 38

Mahad when he was captured by Anubis.

When Yugi, Joey, and Tristan stole Rex Raptor's plunder, Mahad used his circle to help them escape.

Mahad then escorted the boys home to Agrabah as they distributed the goods, that Rex had stolen, throughout Agrabah, and they stopped at Tea's balcony. Mahad later joked that Mala might have been better off remaining a baby when she pounced on Yugi and licked his cheek.

When Yami returned, he gave Mahad a hula girl that danced.

Mahad later attended the dinner where Shimon declared that he was going to make Yugi his new royal vizier, and he also saw Bakura show up after being chased inside by Mala.

Mahad was also present when they saw Yugi and Tea walking around after they made up.

The next day, Mahad played pool with Joey, Tristan, Mai, and Yami. After Joey accidentally shot a cue ball into Bakura's mouth, Mahad took him to the table as Yami convinced the others to help him. After they got the ball out, Mahad easily beat Joey by sinking all eight balls in one shot.

Mahad then agreed to take Yugi, Bakura, and Shimon to a place Bakura knew about. As Shimon got on, Mahad gave Shimon a free ride to help cheer him up a little. Yugi and Bakura then jumped on and took off. As they flew around, Mahad took the circle on a slight run at top speed which everyone except Bakura enjoyed. They ended when they arrived at a waterfall and Mahad accidentally banged his head on a tree.

Mahad then helped Yugi go after a group of horsemen, led by Rex Raptor, who had kidnapped Shimon. When they stopped at the cliffs, they turned from black horses into black dragons. Mahad managed to fly Yugi close enough that he was able to grab Shimon. When Shimon was sucked into a whirlpool created by one of the horsemen, Mahad was sucked in as well while Yugi was flung to the other side of the river. Mahad and Shimon ended up as a returned Anubis' prisoners, and he was trapped and chained to the wall.

Mahad was later freed with everyone else after Yami, with help from Bakura, saved Yugi. The gang then flew off on Mahad as Bakura left.

Once Anubis was aware that they were all free, he attacked and Mahad helped move most of the gang to the ground. While Yami kept Anubis busy, Mahad flew with Yugi to the Pyramid until he was turned to glass by Anubis and shattered. When Bakura destroyed the Pyramid of Light, and Anubis was killed, Mahad returned to normal.

The Egypt KingEdit

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Mahad helps teach Mana.

The son of Anru. He was very shy as a toddler. When he was three, he arrived at the presentation of Pharaoh Aknamkanon's son, Atem. He spent a good chunk of the time clutching at his mother's leg. He was then lifted up by his mother to see the face of the new prince of Egypt, Atem.

Two years after Atem's birth, Mahad gained a little sister named Mana, and he's a friend to Atem. His Ka is Illusion Magician. When Mahad was thirteen, he helped teach Mana how to summon her Ka, but every attempt ended with a small explosion. When Mana and Atem left with Seto to go to the waterhole, Mahad stayed behind to practice with Anru.

He was extremely worried when his sister was revealed to be in Kul Elna, so he made Mana promise him to not let Atem talk her into things, along with promising to try and work harder to talk Atem out of things. He then practiced dueling with Mana again, only for Mana to end up knocked down again by her own uncontrolled magic.

Mahad was present at Atem's and Aknamkanon's funeral. When the Kul Elnans were shown to be given power by Aknadin, Mana clutched at Mahad for comfort.

Eight years after Atem's "death", Mahad has obtained the Millennium Ring and confronts Bakura about what really happened down in the gorge because he, Vivian, Marik, and Aknadin seemed to have benefitted the most. Bakura challenged Mahad to a duel, summoning Diabound while Mahad summoned the Illusion Magician.Eventually, the duel took it's toll on Mahad, and when he was only one attack away from death, he fused his soul with the Illusion Magician to create the Dark Magician. He then defended Mana from Bakura when she ran over to his now-empty garments and took the Millennium Ring.

Mahad then encouraged Mana to go through with her plan to leave and find help and helped push her forward with Mana's own Ka, the Dark Magician Girl.

Mahad also appeared to Atem and attempted to urge him to return to Egypt and take his place as the Pharaoh.