Supporting characters from Kisara and the Beast.


"I just love older men." - Mai when she first met Solomon.

thumb|300px|right|How Solomon ended up at Kaiba's castle.

Mai - Kaiba's maid. Mai was turned into Harpie Lady. She's Joey's girlfriend and is very flirtatious, much to Joey's annoyance.

Serenity - Joey's little sister and the dresser. She was turned into Goddess with the Third Eye. She and Tristan are interested in each other, but Joey doesn't exactly like that idea.

Solomon - Kisara's step-father. Solomon's an inventor, and when he went to the fair to show off his technique of controlling Exodia, he lost his way and ended up imprisoned in Kaiba's castle. He was released when Kisara promised to take his place.

Ishizu - Isis' twin sister. When she came to visit Kaiba, she cursed him upon seeing his selfish nature, she transformed him into a hideous beast until he could learn to love someone else and earn their love in return.

Hero - Kisara's pet Blue-Eyes. She had it since she was a little girl.


"Wow! You didn't miss a shot Bakura! You're the greatest hunter in the whole world!" - Marik praising Bakura's hunting skill.

thumb|300px|right|Marik and Vivian praise Bakura.

Marik - The younger brother of Isis and Ishizu. He came to France with his oldest sister, but he parted ways with her shortly afterwards. He became the dog-boy to Bakura and admired him, but he began to feel slightly shaky about his friendship with Bakura when he teamed up with Pegasus to throw Solomon into the asylum.

Pegasus - The rich, eccentric director of the local insane asylum, the Maison des Lunes. He is extremely corrupt, and he'll stop at nothing to make a few extra bucks, including throwing Solomon into the asylum.

Vivian - An adamant admirer of Bakura's. She'd love to be the one who marries Bakura, and she thinks Kisara's crazy for not being interested in Bakura.