thumb|right|300px|Kaiba's conviction that he's alone.The main characters of Kisara and the Beast.


"No pain could be deeper!

No life could be cheaper!

No point anymore!

If I can't love her!" - Kaiba after Kisara runs away.

Prince Seto Kaiba - After his parents death, Kaiba was spoiled by the castle's servants. One night, during Christmas, Kaiba refused to let in a beggar, but she turned out to be a powerful enchantress named Ishizu. She cursed Kaiba, and turned him into a mammalian monster. Embarrassed of his monstrous form, Kaiba has concealed himself in his castle. When Kisara arrives, Kaiba realizes that she could be his best hope of breaking Ishizu's spell, but what beautiful, self-respecting girl would ever love a beast like him?

Kisara - Raised by Solomon after her mother died in a carriage crash, Kisara is a lover of books, and she sticks out in her town like a sore thumb. When Solomon was captured and imprisoned by Kaiba, Kisara asked to take her step-father's place. Kaiba agrees.

Joey - When Ishizu cursed the castle, Joey was turned into Flame Swordsman. He's a very well known ladies man. His girlfriend Mai is often furious with his flirtatious style. He's also very kind and caring.

Tristan - Tristan was left in charge of the household when Kaiba's father died, and he takes his job very seriously. When Ishizu cursed the castle, Tristan was turned into Cyber Commander.

Isis - The sister of Ishizu. Isis was turned into Spiria. She's also the adoptive mother of two young children named Yugi and Mana. She is a big fan of tea, and she's very maternal to everyone, including Kaiba.

Mana - Left on the doors of Kaiba's castle as a baby, Kaiba reluctantly let Isis adopt her. When Ishizu placed the curse on the castle, Mana was turned into Dark Magician Girl. She's very energetic and willing to make friends in an instant.

Yugi - While wandering into the castle grounds during Christmas, Isis adopted Yugi as Kaiba only found out a few moments before the curse was activated. When he was cursed, he became the Dark Magician. He's much more soft spoken than Mana, but he's still willing to make friends.

thumb|300px|right|Bakura's proposal.


"So Kisara, what'll it be? Is it yes, or is it... OH, YESSSS!!"

"I... I just don't deserve you!"

"Who does? Oh I know... MEEEEEEE!" - Bakura's failed proposal to Kisara.

Bakura - Bakura's the most popular guy in the village. He's determined to make Kisara his wife as she's the only woman who's as beautiful as himself. When she refuses and Solomon comes in raving about a beast, he comes up with the perfect plan to force Kisara to marry him.