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Prince Seto and Kisara

"Tale as old as time,

Song as old as rhyme.

Beauty and the Beast." - Isis commenting on Seto and Kisara's friendship.

Kisara and the Beast is the Disney Film, Beauty and the Beast with Yu-Gi-Oh! characters.

The Cast:Edit

Seto as Prince Adam

Kaiba as the Beast

Kisara as Belle

Yami Bakura as Gaston

Joey as Lummiere

Tristan as Cogsworth

Isis as Mrs. Pots

Yugi & Mana as Chip

Mai as Babette

Serenity as Madame De la Grande Bouche

Marik as LeFou

Vivian as the Silly Girls

Grandpa as Maurice

Pegasus as Monsieur D'Arque

Ishizu as the Enchantress

Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast 3.0Edit

thumb|300px|right|The rough draft of Kisara and the Beast Kisara and the Beast is based off of DogoHalibar's video series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast 3.0.


Like in The Little Dark Magician Girl, there are several differences in Kisara and the Beast. For one thing, it fuses together elements from the movie and musical, though not to the extreme of The Little Dark Magician Girl.

Also, instead of being turned into furniture and knick-knacks, the servants are turned into Duel Monsters.

Where LeFou's fate at the end of the film and musical is unknown, Marik is shown to turn good and help with the rest of the mob.

Finally, instead of being Maurice's daughter, Kisara is the step-daughter of Solomon, after he took in Kisara and her mother.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Kisara and the Beast: