Supporting Characters for Kidnapped.

Yugi's FamilyEdit

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I'll play with you

"I've been called a lot of things. Pharaoh, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Yami, but my given name is Atem." - Yami explains who he is.

Yami - One night, when Tag and Anzu couldn't go to sleep, they pestered Yugi for a story, so he told them about how he completed the Millennium Puzzle, and they found out that their Uncle Atem was actually an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. When Tag was lonely after being kidnapped, he created an imaginary Yami to keep him company and play with him. He sometimes plays around in Grandpa's sex dungeon with Yugi.

Grandpa - Grandpa still lives in the Game Shop, and he was there when Yugi and Tea brought Tag and Anzu home and named them. He has a kinky sex dungeon underneath his shop, where he tortures Tea frequently.

Joey's FamilyEdit

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Aww. So close.

"Yugi! Tea! What's wrong?!" - Joey asking on his friends status with a packed mouth.

Joey - Joey's still the same as ever, but now he's married to Mai with a three year old son named Johnny. He still talks with his mouth full, much to Mai's chagrin. He's also Tag and Anzu's godfather, and he'll go to any lengths to help protect them, including helping Yugi in a duel against Rex and Weevil. He's having an affair with Kaiba.

Mai - Being married to Joey Wheeler can be difficult. Particularly when Joey is talking with his mouth full while Mai's trying to teach their son, Johnny, manners. She's also Tag and Anzu's godmother.

Johnny - The three year old son of Joey and Mai. Johnny's currently being taught manners by Mai, which is made difficult when Joey talks with his mouth full right in front of Johnny.

Kaiba's FamilyEdit

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Kaiba uses his computer to help Yugi and Tea find Tag and Anzu.

"What do you want, Yugi?" - Kaiba when Yugi arrives in his office.

Kaiba - After seven years, Kaiba's moved past his grudge against Yugi, and he's married to Ishizu. Together, they have a three-year old son named Seth. Kaiba's also become friendly enough to use his resources to help Yugi, Tea, and Joey find Tag and Anzu. He's having an affair with Joey on the side.

Ishizu - Married to Kaiba, Ishizu is also the mother of Seth. She is as reserved and proper as ever.

Seth - The three year old son of Kaiba and Ishizu. Seth has inherited his father's looks, and his disregard for Joey.