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Can Yugi and Tea find their children?

Main characters from Kidnapped!


"Let my babies go, you monsters!!!!!" - Tea as she slams on Rex and Weevil's hideout.

Yugi - Seven years after Atem left, Yugi has taken his place as the King of Games, he's happily married to Tea, and they have two three-year-old children, Tag and Anzu. He would do anything for his children, including dueling Rex and Weevil to save them.

Tea - Yugi's wife of four years. Tea gave birth to twins, a year after marrying Yugi, named Tag and Anzu. She's very protective of both her children and will defend them from everything that comes across their path, including stopping Yugi from telling the story of what happened to him after he completed the Millennium Puzzle, putting her children in time out for hurting each other, and saving them from Rex and Weevil.

Tag - The three-year-old son of Yugi and Tea has inherited his father's love of games and his ability to almost always win. When Weevil and Rex kidnap him and Anzu, Tag creates an imaginary Yami to play with when Anzu refuses to play. He also thinks the Winged Dragon of Ra is very pretty.

Anzu - The three-year-old daughter of Yugi and Tea. Anzu's the more sensitive twin, and she hates the fact that Tag always wins at tag. She's not into games as much as her brother is. When Rex and Weevil kidnapped the twins, Anzu became depressed and continually cried for her parents.

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The kidnappers


"We'll give you back your kids if you promise to duel us." - Weevil's challenge after Yugi, Tea, and Joey arrive.

Weevil - Seeking a way to gain his title as the "King Bee" of duelists back, Weevil kidnapped Tag and Anzu with Rex in an attempt to force Yugi into a duel, but Weevil quickly surrendered when Yugi called out Ra.

Rex - Seeking to re-climb the duelist food chain, Rex kidnapped Tag and Anzu with Weevil in an attempt to force Yugi into a duel, but Rex quickly surrendered when Yugi called out Ra.