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"I want my mommy and daddy!!!!" - Anzu after being kidnapped.

Kidnapped! is a prequel to Yu-Gi-Oh! X about when Tag and Anzu were kidnapped by Rex and Weevil as a way to lure Yugi into a duel.

Reason for WritingEdit

The main reason was to give some more back-story to how Tag and Anzu were when they were little, and it's the origin of how Tag began talking to the imaginary Yami.

Yami and TagEdit

Due to the fact that Tag was extremely bored and lonely because they were being held captured and Anzu was too scared to do anything but cry, Tag imagined Yami there to play with him until his parents arrived. The only game that Yami played however was the Silent Game, and naturally, Tag lost every time.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters