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January 25, 1986




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Flame Swordsman

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Yugi's best friend, and the third best Duelist in the world as he appears in fan-fics.


Joey's almost always portrayed as a close friend of Yugi's and maintains a relationship with Mai that ranges from a close friendship to a full-blown relationship. He's also always portrayed as very loyal but tough.


Trust and FaithEdit

Joey was invited to Kaiba's wedding to Ishizu. He couldn't believe that Kaiba and Ishizu were getting married.


080 108

Joey and Mai at the time of Kidnapped!

Joey eventually ended up married to Mai with a son named Johnny. When Johnny was three, Yugi and Tea arrived at their house. Joey asked what was wrong, with a mouth full of sloppy joe, which earned him a telling-off by Mai. When Joey learned that Yugi and Tea's children, Tag and Anzu, had been kidnapped, Joey agreed to help Yugi and Tea find them.

Joey wasn't excited about asking Kaiba for help, but he went along with them anyway. He later got called boring by Kaiba's son, Seth.

Joey then agreed to assist Yugi in a tag-team duel against Rex and Weevil in exchange for freeing the kids. When Tag and Anzu were let out, they said hi to Joey before watching the duel. Joey played Gearfried the Iron Knight before Rex and Weevil quit after Yugi summoned Ra. He then went home to his own family.

Yu-Gi-Oh! XEdit


063 01

Joey and Mai meet up with Yugi at the convention.

Joey attended the Tokyo Duel Monsters Convention with Mai. Joey then met up with Yugi. He then introduced Yugi to the inventor of the Duel Runners, Corin Fudo.

The next morning, Joey watched Tag's duel with Mel Tyrone after he kidnapped the two. When Tag's Life Points were at 100, Joey clenched his fists in frustration that he couldn't be there to punch Mel out for kidnapping his best friend and his godson.

Birthday for TwoEdit

105 19

Joey loses Anzu.

At Tag and Aznu's seventeenth birthday, Joey told the story of how, while babysitting Tag and Anzu while they were one, Joey lost track of Anzu, and he found her in a drawer and found that she had made inside it, but dismissed it by saying that it'll dry.

Journey to the PastEdit

016 33

Joey tells Kaiba to watch it.

Joey was a part of the party to celebrate Tag defeating Mel Tyrone and his revenge scheme, Death-T. He also congratulating Johnny on defeating a murderer known as the Chopman with a candlestick and a metal wire. He then told Kaiba to watch it when he made fun of Joey's intelligence... Again.

New Member of the FamilyEdit

When Joey learned that Tea was pregnant again, he slyly asked what took Yugi so long.

New Duelist KingdomEdit

Joey attended a general get together with everybody. When he found out that Pegasus had sent a package, including a DVD to Tag, he freaked out. After Tag lost his video duel with Pegasus, Joey's soul was captured to force Tag and Johnny to participate in the new Duelist Kingdom.

High School AdventuresEdit

CM01 27

Joey prepared to go to Egypt, ala Sam Gamgee.

The big tough guy as always, Joey is also a sophomore, and keeps trying to convince Yugi to make the first move with Tea. But more often than not, the subject always switches to his own inability to confess to Mai. His favorite hobbies involve card games, picking on Atem and/or Yugi, and annoying Kaiba. He's also talked to Mai again when he and the others went to the park. Joey got to come to Egypt mostly because Kaiba hoped Joey would get hopelessly lost in the tomb, and at least he'd get freaked out by the mummies in the museum, which he was. Joey later helped Mai reconnect with her estranged father. Only a week later, Joey met an Australian named Valon who turned out to know Mai from college, and eventually, the two got into a fight before Mai knocked both of them down and chose neither of them. Joey then apologized to Valon and parted as

The Little Dark Magician GirlEdit

013 20

Joey gets ready to fight Vivian.

Joey's a Flame Swordsman. His family opted to stay in the Human World to study humans when the Ka World was seperated from the Human World. One day, Joey was playing with a spy glass when Mana showed up with her friends. She then showed Joey a fork, and he said it was a dingle hopper, which he said humans used to comb their hair. When Tea asked why humans just didn't use a comb, Joey remarked that humans were weird. He then showed Mana a pipe that he called a snarf black. He said that it was used by humans to make music, and when he blew on it, he gaged as seaweed and mud came out, and Joey claimed he forgot to clean it out. The talk of music reminds Mana about a concert she was supposed to be at, so she leaves while Joey says he clean the snarf black out for next time and figure out how it works.

Joey then met up with Mana again when she was looking at the ship of a human prince, and Joey confuses Mana's attraction to the prince for an older man before Mana corrected him. When the storm picked up, Joey was pulled off of the ship by the wind and nearly got smashed into the rocks before being saved by Mahad.

He arrived with everyone else when Mana saved the prince from drowning and brought him ashore. When Mana asked if Atem was dead, Joey checked his foot for a heartbeat until Mana exclaimed that he was breathing. Joey then went home after the others left for the Ka World.

A few weeks later, when the gang returned, Joey realized that there was something different about Mana, but he couldn't tell what it was until Mahad shouted that she'd been turned into a human. He then learned that Mana had traded her voice to Vivian, the Dragon Lady to be a human. He then asked why Mahad was a human, and when everyone agreed to help Mana be with Atem, Joey decided to run to the castle and tell them that they were shipwrecked on the beach, also saying that Mana was taking a bath while it happened to explain her lack of clothes. He told Atem this story and led him there. He then watched as Atem took Mana and Mahad to his palace. He bet with Yugi that Tristan, who went to keep an extra eye on Mana and Mahad, would come back begging to go home in two hours as opposed to that night.

That night, Joey asked a returned Tristan what happened and learned that Mana and Atem were going on a date the next day. Joey then wondered how King Torunka was doing since his only two children were gone for a whole day.

The next day, Joey asked Yugi and Tea if Atem had kissed Mana yet, and when they responded with a no, Joey remarked that they had better get cracking.

That night, Joey was worried since there was only one day left and Atem hadn't puckered up once. He then tried singing, but he wasn't very good at it, so when Tristan took over and set the mood, Joey took to keeping up the precussions along with Yugi. As Atem and Mana were about to kiss, Joey and Tristan shook each other in excitement.

After that, Joey suggested that they could offer Vivian something else if Mana fails to kiss Atem tomorrow, but this idea was shot down when Tea explains that a contract Mana signed was iron-clad.

The next morning, Joey tells Mana and Mahad that Yugi and Tea have a plan, and he leads them to where they are.

After Mana participates in the contest and runs back to her room, Joey comes in and congratulates Mana since he heard that Atem was getting married that afternoon. While going onto the ship to say hi to Mana before the big day, he learns that it's actually Vivian in disguise who's marrying Atem, so he tells the others at the dock. Joey's then told by Mahad to try and stall the wedding.

To stall the wedding, Joey arrived with his friend, the Harpie Lady, Mai, and her sisters, Kara and Nala. He then poked Vivian in the butt with his sword. Joey then went with Atem, Yugi, Tea, and Atem's friends to save Mana from Vivian.

Joey then laughed when Atem taunted Vivian by taking a jab at her singing. After that, he stood his ground when facing Vivian after she turned into the Mystic Dragon.

Joey then wondered how they'd get the Grand Magic Scepter away from Vivian, and he and Tristan then distracted her as Mana pulled the Scepter out, and Atem destroyed Vivian with Horakhty.

Joey then returned with everyone else. When Mana and Mahad were turned into permanent humans to be with Atem and Isis, respectively, Joey said Tristan owed him money, and he and Tristan broke down as they left for the palace.

A month later, at Atem and Mana's wedding, Joey attended and got a kiss on the cheek.

The Little Dark Magician Girl II: Return to the Ka WorldEdit

013 59

Joey finds out that Melody's missing.

Two years after the defeat of Vivian, Joey arrived at the party to show off Mana and Atem's new daughter, Melody. He then witnessed Atem, Mana, and Torunka stop Vivian's sister Morgana from claiming the Scepter and watched her escape.

Twelve years later, Joey was a friend of Melody's, keeping his status as a Ka a secret. On Melody's twelfth birthday, Joey figured on her party being a big shindig, even with the guest of honor missing. He then said that Melody should talk to her mother while Melody was relaxing in the sea, but Tristan simply shouted at the idea since Melody wasn't supposed to be in the ocean.

When Melody ran away, Joey and Mai worked together to look for her and went to a forzen area Mana and the others were in to see if they found her. Mana then had Joey and Mai bring Torunka and Atem there since Mana figured out that it was Morgana's lair.

Shortly afterwords, Joey and Mai arrived with Atem, Torunka, and several others. Joey then poked Morgana in the rear to have her release a captured Atem and Mana.

After that, Joey was stopped from helping Melody when he was forced to bow down to Morgana. He was freed when Melody took the Scepter and gave it back to Torunka.

Joey then joined in the reunion party of Mana and Melody's family.

Kisara and the BeastEdit

041 38

Joey delighting in being human again.

Joey's the matr'd have the castle. He's friends/rivals with Tristan, and he's Mai's boyfriend. During Christmas, Joey was told by Prince Seto to take back an over done steak, and Joey ran off before running back and taking the steak with him as he ran off. He then gave the prince a book for Christmas which Seto didn't care for. When Ishizu placed the curse on them, Joey was turned into the Flame Swordsman.

When an old man named Solomon ended up at the castle gates after being lost in the woods, Joey let him in against Tristan's wishes. He then welcomed Solomon and sat him down in front of the fire to warm himself. When Mai started flirting with Solomon, Joey shouted that Mai was always trying to get him jealous, but it wasn't going to work this time, and they started arguing about all the people they flirted with. Once Kaiba found out Solomon was there, Joey tried to defend him by explaining how he got here, but Kaiba just roared.

When Tristan berated Joey about it the next day, Joey defended himself by saying that he was trying to be hospitable. It then evolved into a small discussion of them running out of time for a girl to arrive and fall in love with Kaiba just when a girl named Kisara arrived. Joey was easily excited about this, to the point of kissing Tristan on the cheek. Joey was then told to follow her. When Kisara volunteered to take her father's place, Joey suggested to Kaiba that she might need a more comfortable room, but Kaiba just growled, but he ended up doing as Joey said. Joey then encouraged Kaiba to say something to Kisara and told him to invite her to dinner.

While waiting for Kisara to come down for dinner, Joey asked Kaiba if he thought that Kisara could be the one, and he then tells Kaiba to be charming when Kisara comes down. When Kaiba stormed to Kisara's room upon hearing that she refused to come down to dinner, Joey stood in the way to try and get Kaiba to calm down, but Kaiba just pushed him away. Joey then said that threatening to drag Kisara out by her hair may not be the best way to win Kisara's affections. He was then charged by Tristan to stand watch at the door and alert them the moment Kisara changed her mind about having dinner with Kaiba.

Joey later left his post to fool around with Mai until he saw Kisara leave, then he hurried after her. After hearing that Kisara was hungry, Joey sided with Isis about getting her something to eat. He then performed a show for Kisara as she ate. After that, Joey went along with Kisara and Tristan on a tour of the castle.

Joey and Tristan then tried to stop Kisara from going up to the West Wing, which was forbidden, but she went up when they had their backs turned.

When Kisara left, Joey begged her to stay, but she flew off, though she soon returned with an injured Kaiba.

They then saw Kisara tending to Kaiba's wonds, and they rejoiced in the two becoming friends. Joey then gave Kaiba the idea to give her the royal library since he wanted to do something for her. He also told her to give Kisara a compliment about her dress when she arrived in a new outfit.

Joey then watched Kaiba and Kisara have a snowball fight, and Joey was overjoyed, especially since they were coming together on their own.

Joey later fantasized about being human again, which included being good-looking again with a girl on each arm. When cleaning the castle, Joey shined up the door knobs. They then cleaned up the ball room.

That night, Joey then encouraged Kaiba that tonight was the night he'd confess his love to Kisara. Joey then encouraged Kaiba to dance with Kisara. After he heard from Tristan that he let Kisara go, he was disapointed as he was so close, but he believed they were in the clear since Kaiba had learned to love, but he was then reminded that Kisara had to love Kaiba in return, so he broke down with Mai, and they hugged each other and Tristan.

Shortly afterwords, Joey said that it might have been better if Kisara had never come at all, but it was pushed out of his mind when Bakura's mob arrived to storm the castle. Joey ran off to warn Kaiba, but he was too emotionally broken to do anything, so Joey had to help by himself. He then figured out a plan.

Soon after Bakura and his men came in, Joey and the others attacked them. Joey then attacked a boy Mai was flirting with by poking his sword in the boy's rear end. After most of the men were scared off, Joey did a victory dance with Tristan.

Joey then had everyone follow Kisara when she said that Kaiba was in danger.

Joey was witness to Kaiba's death. When Kisara admitted her love for Kaiba, Kaiba was revived and turned back into Seto, and everyone was human again. Joey then told Tristan that it was Seto when Tristan was too dumbfounded to believe it. Joey then ran to the now human Mai and remarked at how glad he was that she was human again. Mai then joked around by saying that Joey said that he liked her as a Harpie before she admitted that she liked Joey better as a human too. Then Joey had to be held back when Tristan and Serenity held hands.

At Seto and Kisara's wedding a month later, Joey chuckled about love and got into an argument with Tristan about who told whom that Kisara was the one, but their fight was overshadowed by Kisara and Seto dancing.

Yugi MotoEdit

CM01 22

Joey and Tristan determine to save Yugi.

An orphan like Yugi. He and Tristan met Yugi when they arrived in Agrabah two years ago. He has Yugi's good heart, but he does like stealing some more impressive things now and then. One day, Joey helped Yugi steal a piece of bread, and he willingly gave his piece of bread to some starving orphans, the same as Yugi. Joey then helped save the same pair of twins from being trampled by the prince's procession. They then returned home.

The morning after next, Joey distracted the vendor while Yugi and Tristan stole a melon for breakfast. When Yugi first met Tea, Joey tried to get through to Yugi, but he was too love sick to hear him. As Yugi was helping Tea, Joey took a few of Ushio's apples, but he also enjoyed playing along with Yugi's plan by acting like the Sultan when Tea bowed in front of him. When Tea was taken off by Yugi, Joey said good-bye, carrying on the Sultan act for fun, but when he bowed down, several of the apples fell out of his shirt, so he grabbed what he could and ran off with them.

Joey and Tristan then went back home with Yugi and Tea. Joey then handed them two of the apples. Joey then thought that the two of them saying the same thing at the same time was spooky. Joey then pushed Tea into Yugi. When Seto and his men arrived to arrest Yugi, Joey and Tristan tossed pieces of wood at them to give them time to jump down. Joey was then knocked into an alley with Tristan while trying to help Yugi and Tea.

Joey and Tristan arrived to help Yugi, and an old man asked them to find a box for him. They agreed, and Joey entered the Cave of Wonders with Yugi. There, they befriended a Dark Magician named Mahad. Once they arrived at the place where the box was, Joey saw a large ruby, and his kleptomania got the better of him, and he took it, but the cave began to collapse when Joey did this. Joey made up for his mistake when he saved Yugi from getting killed by the old man when they arrived at the mouth of the cave. The old man then shoved Joey and Tristan into the cave as Yugi fell.

When Yugi awoke, Joey revealed that he'd stolen back the box, and Yugi found out that it was an ancient puzzle, and he solved it to release Yami, who then got everybody out of the cave.

When Yami makes Yugi a prince, he turns Joey into a body guard of Yugi's, with a large sword.

Joey then arrived in Agrabah under the name Jonouchi. Joey then asked Mahad how many swords he saw, but Mahad could only respond with three.

As Yugi tried to figure out what to do with Tea not liking his prince self, Atli, Joey and Tristan roasted bannanas. He then asked if Yugi was losing it when he continued to try and pull off the prince wish.

He later met Tea's lady-in-waiting, Mai while Yugi and Tea went out on their date. Joey then said good-bye to Mai and Mala as Yugi and Tea came back. After that, Joey and Tristan were tied up by Seto's men, under the control of Anubis. Joey also heard Yugi's fight with Yami, and when Yugi shouted at Joey, he left.

When Yugi called for help after Anubis took control of the Millennium Puzzle, Joey easily responded, and Joey stood in front of Mai to protect her after Anubis turned Mala into a baby. Joey was then turned into his normal self by Anubis and sent with Yugi, Tristan, and Mahad into a pillar and sent off into the frozen north.

When Yugi cried that this was all his fault, Joey tried to comfort him, and together, they helped free Mahad, and when the pillar Mahad was trapped under began to roll over, and Yugi managed to make them safe, barely, Joey passed out with Tristan. Joey quickly recovered with Tristan though, and Mahad used his traveling circle to fly them off to Agrabah. Joey and Tristan then kept Bakura quiet while Yugi tried to get the Millennium Puzzle to undo what Anubis did, but he was found out anyway. When Joey and Tristan made a grab for the Puzzle during the ensuing fight, Anubis turned them into stone. Joey was turned back to normal after Yugi tricked Anubis into wishing himself into a yami and getting him imprisoned in the Pyramid of Light.

When Yami was freed by Yugi, he high fived Joey. Joey was later involved in a group hug by Yami.

The Return of AnubisEdit

CM03 09

Joey stuffing his face at dinner.

A month later, Joey joined Yugi, Tristan, and Mahad in a raid of Rex Raptor's plunder. Joey tried to pull a treasure chest to him with a wire, but he was found out. That was when Yugi and Tristan arrived. They then grabbed the rest of Rex's plunder and hopped on Mahad's traveling circle as they headed out. As Rex tried to stop them, Joey plucked out a jeweled flower Rex had on him, and they escaped and went to Agrabah.

When Joey learned what Yugi was going to do, he was reluctant at first, but soon joined in. He was able to keep a golden bird statue to give to Mai for her birthday. After arriving at the palace, Joey went off to give Mai her present. Joey then went out with Yugi and Tristan for a bit when he discovered Bakura. they chased after him until they ran into Rex and his men. Eventually, they were shoved into a corner by Rex's men and only saved when Bakura tossed Rex Raptor at them. Joey then grabbed Bakura with Tristan but let him go when Yugi told them to.

When Yami returned, he gave his suitcases to Joey and Tristan to take care of, and they fell to the ground. He then gave Joey a hot dog. Joey then went into the palace with Mai for a dinner in Yugi's honor.

Joey then had some of Yami's cooking when Bakura appeared. He then witnessed Yugi stand up for Bakura and accept full responsibility for him and for Tea to yell at Yugi for not telling her about Bakura.

Joey wanted to see Yami embarrass Yugi during his tender moment with Tea, but he was shoved off by Bakura.

The next day, Joey was playing pool with Mahad and Yami when he accidentally sent the cue ball down Bakura's throat. When Yami turned Mai into a nurse, Joey's mouth dropped open like it was on a hinge. Joey then commented on them being like one big family since they were always there for each other before Bakura walked off. Joey then lost at pool to Mahad.

Joey was then left behind when Yugi took Shimon off to a quiet place as Tea believed that Yugi needed alone time, but Joey took it well since it meant more food for them. When Anubis arrived, Joey hid behind Yami as he knew he was no match for him. He then ended up captured by Anubis.

When Anubis captured Shimon, Mahad, Tea, Mai, and Mala, Anubis turned himself into Tea to make sure Yugi was framed for Shimon's murder, so he would be executed, and Joey remarked on the fact that this means that imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery. When Joey called Bakura a son of a jackal after Anubis left to say good-bye to Yugi, he apologized once Bakura pointed out that he didn't insult his mother. He was then freed by a released Yami after he saved Yugi. He was overjoyed to see Yugi alive. He then joined Yugi and the others, except for Bakura, in their attempt to destroy the Pyramid of Light to defeat Anubis.

Joey then tried to take the Pyramid from Rex until Anubis spotted him and Yugi and attacked. Joey then ended up witnessing Bakura fly in on Mala and manage to destroy the Pyramid of Light after getting badly wounded. After Anubis' defeat, Joey mourned with the others until they found out Bakura was alive. Then Joey and Tristan did their victory dance in honor of Bakura.

The Egypt KingEdit

CM03 23

Joey and Tristan teach Atem about Hakuna Matata.

An outcast who lives in the country outside of Egypt. When he saved Atem and Greystone from vultures, he was all for running for it as he was afraid that Atem was a member of the Egyptian Court who would have Joey and his friend Tristan fed to lions. After re-thinking, Joey agrees to help Atem, and they give Atem some water and let him wake back up. After that, Joey teaches Atem that to get passed what happened, he needed to put the past behind him. He and Tristan then taught Atem about Hakuna Matata, and the three were as thick as thieves after eight years.

Joey would complain every now and then about Atem not acting his age, but he always took things good naturdly. When he was asked by Tristan what he thought the stars were, Joey said that they were fire flies that got stuck in the sky. He then laughed at what Atem said about the idea of the past Pharaohs watching over them. When he left, Joey asked if it was something he said.

One day, Joey was singing and walking around with Tristan when he disappeared. He then ran into Tristan again when he was being chased by a Dark Magician Girl. He attempted to get Tristan out when Atem arrived and saved them. Joey then comforted Tristan as he cheered Atem on. Joey then got confused about Atem talking to Mana like he was an old friend and Tristan being okay until Atem introduced Joey to Mana. When Joey heard that Atem was the Pharaoh, he disbelieved Mana at first before he realized that being the friend of the Pharaoh had to have some major perks. Following that, Joey's told to go while Atem and Mana talk privately, and Joey becomes dejected and explains to Tristan that with Atem and Mana falling in love, their friendship would be history. He then cried with Tristan.

That night, Joey was rudely awakened by Mana. He then tells her never to do that again and learns that Atem is missing. He then asks who the guy in the dress, who just appeared, was before Mana reveals that Atem's gone off to challenge his uncle Aknadin to take his place as the Pharaoh. Joey then goes with Mana and Tristan to help Atem, and he's fairly skeptical about Egypt but promises to help Atem until the end considering how important it was to him. He then ended up being used as bait to distract the Kul Elnans while Mana and Atem entered the palace.

Joey then assisted in the fight but ended up running from a man named Marik before Tristan arrived. He then explained to Seto that Marik shouldn't have called Tristan a twit, and he was in it. Joey then called Tristan the man.

After Atem defeated Aknadin, Joey nearly puked when he kissed Mana. Joey then acted as one of Atem's best men for his wedding to Mana.

Ishizu IshtarEdit

003 13

Joey on the ship.

Pegasus' reluctant dogboy. Joey only works for Pegasus to provide for his widowed mother and sister. He went with Pegasus to Virginia. Joey also easily got caught up in Pegasus' motivational speech. Joey silently disapproved of Pegasus' idea of using the settlers to dig up all the gold for himself.