Atem and Mana by DMGClub-1

How Mana and Atem appear

An AU fan fiction. It's mostly a fan fiction full of one-shots about Atem, Mana, Yugi, and the whole gang. These one-shots though are interconnected into the bigger plot which is the characters in High School.


Being in High School, the stories are set in present day Domino City, and usually Domino High School. During their summer break, the setting changes to Egypt for four chapters.


Instead of being a deceased Egyptian spirit, Atem is a living Japanese man, and he is the older brother of Yugi.

Mana is also Japanese, and she's the same age as Atem.

Mahad is Mana's older brother in this, and her guardian when their mother dies in a car crash.

Kisara pretends to be an excitable fan girl instead of the calm concerned woman she really is.

Aknadin is also the father of Kisara instead of Seto.

Aknamkanon is nicknamed Aknam and made into Grandpa's son and the father of both Atem and Yugi.

Yami Marik is a real person named Malik and is Marik's twin brother and an assassin.

Joey and Valon's rivalry culminates in a fist fight instead of a duel.

Finally, so far, the Millennium Items don't exist.