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Marik shemes to make Kisara his.

Marik and Kisara's relationship in fanfics. Named so because when Marik leaves Domino City, he leaves during dusk but when Kisara arrives in Egypt, dusk has ended.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast - Marik is the most popular/powerful guy in the village and by far, the handsomest. From the moment he first saw Kisara, he saw how beautiful she is and figures that they should marry because he only deserves the best. Kisara obviously rejects the shallow man and that only makes him more determined to marry her. So Marik decides to use her father as a way to blackmail her into marrying him, but then goes off to kill Kaiba because he's in the way of him getting Kisara. However, he gets killed before he finishes off Kaiba.